Country: Italy

VFCNC di Volpe Francesco - Trani (BT) - Italy
The new line of cnc milling 3-axis, are powerful and precise, in order to enhance, of the finished further limiting manual intervention on the working man.
Fasani Celeste S.r.l. - Lugo di Grezzana (VR) - Italy
Fasani celeste s.r.l. is a professional and reliable italian marble quarry owner and exporter with more than 25 years of experience in stone sector.
Pessolano Trading S.r.l. - Policoro (MA) - Italy
Pessolano trading srl is a trading company operating in the stone sector; an ideal partner for private and public building sector.
Fasani Celeste S.r.l. - Lugo di Grezzana (VR) - Italy
Fasani celeste s.r.l. is a professional and reliable italian marble quarry owner and exporter with more than 25 years of experience in stone sector.
Pavimentazioni Aldo Chemelli - Trento (TN) - Italy
Installation natural stones for interior end exstetior, wolls and floors, worldwide
Pietra di Luserna di Wei Wei Hu - bagnolo piemonte (CN) - Italy
Stone lucerna italy cuneo
Onw quarries of perlato royal, producers fo marbles, stones, natural marble blocks, agglomerates, calcium carbonates of different sizes.
LCM SAS - Trani (BA) - Italy
Production of marble blocks, slabs, linings, floors, manufactured and semimanufactured products for italy and foreign market
Nuova Mondial Mec S.r.l. - Cerasolo di Coriano (RN) - Italy
Machines for marble
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ITALMECC Srl - Schio (VI) - Italy
Production, selling and design of water clarification systems (silo and filter presses)dust control (cabins and workbenches)boosting pump groups
Luca Luisi - Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
Repair machines for marble end granite good bye
Manufacture and sale of electroplated diamond toolssuppliers of accessories for stone cutting equipments.
Marble Design Office - Palomonte (SA) - Italy
Technical services for the sector lapideo.specialists in coatings of marble interiors in a classic style.
Ezio Ronchieri S.p.A. - Massa (MS) - Italy
Production-Commerce Marbles and Granites
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Furrer S.p.A. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Marbles, granites, stones, quarries, cut to size, interiors and exteriors, floors, sale of slabs and blocks, projects, installation.
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Gaspari Menotti S.p.A. - Massa (MS) - Italy
Machines for Marble and Granite
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Unimin S.p.A. - Massa (MS) - Italy
Manufacturing-Commerce Marbles
Bruno Lucchetti - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Production-commerce marbles and granites.
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International Italmarmi Srl - Massa (MS) - Italy
Manufacturing-commerce marbles and granites
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H.P. Stahnke S.r.l. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Commerce marbles and granites
E.B.F. Sas - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Own Quaries of White Carrara, Veined White and Calacata Cream. Marbles either italian or of importation.
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CMO - Massa (MS) - Italy
Design and production of high quality oleodynamic equipment
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Mondis S.r.l. - Massa (MS) - Italy
Diamond Tools
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Dega Marmi di Massimo De Cori Sas - Forte dei Marmi (LU) - Italy
Import - Export
Rebechi A.& G. S.r.l. - Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
Architectural marble and granite works, sculptures, fountains, inlay works, massive works, fireplaces, custom sizes
Ettore Mariani S.p.A. - Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
More than seventy years of experience in Marble and Granite field
Luciani S.r.l. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Earth moving machines
Fimer S.r.l. - Ravenna (RA) - Italy
Mosaic for floors and wall coverings in marble, fired-bricks, glass pastes, glazed stoneware and ceramics.
Roni Marble Sas - Lucca (LU) - Italy
All marbles and granites in all sizes and thickness
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Antolini Luigi & C. S.p.A. - Verona (VR) - Italy
Production - Commerce Marbles Granites and Travertine´s
Flli Cancellaro Snc - Salerno (SA) - Italy
Extraction and manufacturing White Padula Stone.
Euromarble S.r.l. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Production - Commerce Marbles, Stones and Granites.
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Albatros Due Srl - Massa (MS) - Italy
Manufacturing-Commerce Marbles
Biecher - Trieste (TS) - Italy
Production - Commerce Monuments and Tombstones
2B Project - Massa (MS) - Italy
Design and consultancy, surveys, shop drawings, cutting list, anchors system, marking of the layaing points, site management and work assistance
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Sud Marmi S.r.l. - Custonaci (TP) - Italy
This Company has his own Perlato di Sicilia quarries, for processing and manufacturing : floor-steps-slabs-tresholds-modulmarble.
Rigante Sas - Bisceglie (BA) - Italy
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Manfredi Import Export - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Commerce Marble, Granite and Stones
United Marble & Granite Co Srl - Massa (MS) - Italy
Manufacturing and Commerce Marbles, Granites and Stones
CMI Srl - Massa (MS) - Italy
Commerce marble blocks, slabs, tiles, modulmarble. Specialized in Bianco P, Acqua Bianca, Bardiglio Imperiale, Arabescato.
Ancillotti Spartaco - Lucca (LU) - Italy
Commerce Marble and Granite
Landi Giocondo & C. S.r.l. - Querceta (LU) - Italy
Own quarries of Arabescato Colubraia, Faniello, Tova and Statuary
V.I.L.M.A. Marmi S.n.c. - Valderice (TP) - Italy
Works in the sector from more than 30 years with experience consolidated by reliability, punctuality, quality of products with own quarries of Perlato Sicilia expor,Botticino Sicilia and Avorio Venato
Bertozzi Felice Srl - Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
For more than forty years, Bertozzi Felice Srl has been synonymous with professionalism in creation of architectural and d
S.M.G. Srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Rough and polished Marble and Granite slabs - Wall and Floor tiles and panels - Facade cladding - Stairs - Window sills - Kitchen worktops - Sink and Table tops - Thicknesses for Gravestones - Sk
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Adolfo Forti Marmi S.p.A. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
AF Marmi S.p.A works in the natural stones business since 1920 and know offers the entire range of material available on the market.
Piero Zanella srl - Soave (VR) - Italy
Processing of marble and granite for furniture
Mordenti Export S.r.l. - La Spezia (SP) - Italy
All kinds of machinery for processing marble, granite, & natural stones, gres porcelain tiles polishing plants. Supply of complete plants or single machines. Assistance and training of the personnel.
Tau Marmi S.r.l. - Catania (CT) - Italy
Marbles, volcanic lava rock from Mt. Etna, granites.
Rocca diamon abra sud di Rocca G.& C. Sas - Lamezia Terme (CZ) - Italy
We offer diamonds tools in various type and size, abrasives, mastics, fibred diskes, point drill and other tools, special machines for marble-laboratory and any other product used.
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G.T.C. s.r.l. Giani Trading Co. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
supply, services to importers / exporters ,trade and inspections of marbles granites nad travertines. Direct importers Iranian materials.
Said SpA - Isola Vicentina (VI) - Italy
Manufacturing of diamond cutting and smoothing tools. Turbo cutters and laser blades for dry cutting Fickerts, satellites, calibrating and bavelling wheels
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Bideseimpianti di Bidese Ilario S.n.c. - Sandrigo (VI) - Italy
Bideseimpianti, the leader company in the diamond wire machines´ field such as: Monoblade, Stationary Wire Saw, Profiler 2 and 4 axes, Automatic Edge Polishing.
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Fraccaroli & Balzan s.r.l. - Pescantina (VR) - Italy
Machines for marble and granite processing, slab drying lines, water treatment plant and sediment dehydration plant
Udiesse Srl - Montignoso (MS) - Italy
Diamond Resin Bond Tools to hone and polish marble, granite and stone.
Travermarmi S.r.l. - Massa (MS) - Italy
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Praxis Srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
The traditional Marbles, Granites and Stones together the latest novelty
La Sagoma di Serra Odelia - Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
Casalin Dino - Grancona (VI) - Italy
Casalin Dino is a stonework firm which for 40 years has placed its experience in the field of working of Vicenza stone at its customers´ disposal.
Femag Italia s.r.l. - Altamura (BA) - Italy
Processing modul marble and granite,tables,stairs and combined glass-marble and glass-granite, tops.
Tenso System - Ragusa (RG) - Italy
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E.A.M. di Pierucci O. - Massa (MS) - Italy
Numeric Control Unit Machines working marble and granite. Contour-mill machines-Work Centres-Turning Lathes-Water Jet cutting machines.
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Futura Sas del Rag Orazio Zapparrata & C. - Grammichele (CT) - Italy
Diamond tolls, marbles.
Pietrarte s.n.c. - Bagni di Tivoli (RM) - Italy
sculptures end collon of marble.
Lanza Macchine by Marmi Lanza Spa - Volargne (VR) - Italy
Lanza Macchine offers professionally used, second hand equipment, in AS IT IS (running condition) or full reconditioned with full warranty & installation
Diamond Pauber - Massa (MS) - Italy
Diamond tools, patented diamond wire and diamond blades
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Brunexport Srl - Roma (RM) - Italy
Export in Russia and CIS machines for quarring and processing natural stones
Noma Snc - Bisceglie (BA) - Italy
Noma society displays of a vast stock - yard second -hand engine for marble´s and granite´s manifacturing assures and answers for the supplying of machineries
S.I.M.G. S.r.l. - Orosei (NU) - Italy
Sardinia Quarries Group - Marble, granite and stones
Marmi Mecca Spa - Bolgare (BG) - Italy
Manufactoring of granite: tiles, slabs, cut to size, project
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Devil Disk Srl - Carini (PA) - Italy
We are a leading Company in manufacturing diamond tools applied to the processing of lapideous materials, concretes, asphalts, refractories, glasses.
Giorgio Vanelo S.r.l. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Cutting, and polishing granit on request.
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Odorizzi Porfidi Spa - Albiano (TN) - Italy
Porphyry from Trentino and from Argentinian
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Caro & Colombi SpA - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Own quarries of White Carrara and Portoro. Marbles and granites
Waterjet Italiana Srl - Monza (MI) - Italy
High pressure waterjet cutting system water flaming, hammering, chiselling and ageing machine
Giorgini Maggi S.r.l. - Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
Machines for marble stone granite, muliblades gangsaws and polishing lines
Tecmar di Padula Tonino & C. S.a.s. - Sambuceto di San Giovanni Teat (CH) - Italy
Machines for ageing of marbles, stones, granites, bricks, grits for the mosaic, with a high output of production, in comparison with the traditional methods.
Cuneo F. & Lagomarsino E. Snc - Monleone di Cicagna (GE) - Italy
Slabs : Natural Slate,Planed Slate,Polished Slate, Hack-Hammered Slate. Slate Roof Biliards
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Levi TunisiI S.a.s. - Canegrate (MI) - Italy
Specialized for more than 35 years in manufacturing complete lines for modulmarble, our production includes also lines for aged marble.
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Coop. Lagomarsini - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Marble and granite architectural works - waterjet cutting - vanity tops - Kitchen counter tops.
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Fulvio Cocchi - Parabiago (MI) - Italy
Cava San Giorgio - Reggio Calabria (RC) - Italy
Quarrying and carving of Pietra Reggina
Henraux S.p.A. - Querceta (LU) - Italy
Since 1821 leader in the stone industry with its highly specialised technical department, marble and granite quarries, gangsaws and finishing workshops.
Italconvoy Srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Stone, dominated by intelligence and technology. Import/Export. Vast range of materials. Exclusive importers of Marble from Marocco.
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BMS and Co. Srl - Ortonovo (SP) - Italy
Marbles granites and travertines in slabs, tiles and cu-to-size
Salvatori Alfredo & Co. snc - Querceta (LU) - Italy
Producers since 1946, The Salvatori Alfredo is the finest source for antique Marble, Travertine, and Stones.
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Simonelli S.p.A. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Marble granite and travertine in tiles, slabs, blocks and cut-to-size.
FIT Srl - Ortonovo (SP) - Italy
Marble granite and travertine. tumbled marble.
Ziche rag Luigi & figlio Industria Marmi - Arzignano (VI) - Italy
we are specializzed in supplyng marble slab and blocks in any kind of thickness, and aslo specific customised work on request.
A.M.S. Group S.r.l. unipersonale - Curnasco di Treviolo (BG) - Italy
Specialized in supplying second hand machineries for marble and granite in two alternatives: in working conditions or fully refurbished with guarantee.
Bufalini Marmi s.r.l. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Production and processing of marble, granite and stones. Turkish marbles and travertines. Blocks, slabs, cut-to-size, vanity-tops. Technical service.
Italmarble Pocai srl - Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
Own quarries: Noir ST.Laurent, Rouge du Roi, Verde Speranza Porphyry. Slabs and special cut to size in any available marble, granite, stone, travertine.
Artebase di Bellamoli Mauro - S. Pietro inc. (VR) - Italy
Artistic marble working. We work to special designs as well as producing traditional forms: fountains, capitals, statues, wells, tables. Wholly hand-made work.
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Bi Marmi S.p.a. - Bisceglie (BA) - Italy
Marble tiles for floorings and wall claddings. Collections of patterned tiles in standard formats.
Pedra Rosa snc - Inter Services - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Marble, granite and machinery - a service for those companies wishing to buy from Italy. Material is checked and transportation dealt with.
Bosteco S.r.l. - Querceta (LU) - Italy
Slabs, flooring and facades, sills, stairs,bathroom and kitchen benches, cut-to-size projects in marble, stone and granite.
B.M. Srl - Montorso (VI) - Italy
Gang saws for sawing marble and granite blocks.
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Paolo Arata & C S.p.A. - Orero (GE) - Italy
Italian Black Slate, Finale limestones. Importers of many slates from all over the world
C.I.R.M.A. S.r.l. - Licola (NA) - Italy
Commerce marbles and granites.
Satema S.r.l. - Piacenza (PC) - Italy
Available various reconditioned marble and granite processing machines at very competitive prices.
Master Graniti S.p.a. - Campiglia dei Berici (VI) - Italy
We offer high quality stones in traditional thickness shapes and types and thin and light high tech granites for wall cladding, courtain wall and flooring.
Corazza Luigi & C. Snc - Gaiarine (TV) - Italy
Specialists in heavy moving machinery attachments for marble extraction
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Chiappero Remo - Bagnolo Piemonte (CN) - Italy
Flammed slabs in grey Luserna Granit.
Granimarmi Srl - Olbia (SS) - Italy
Production and commerce granites: rosa nule grigio malaga oro san giacomo rosa beta, rosa cinzia, rosa karin grigio sardo ghiandone
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Pesetti Alvaro & Figli s.n.c. - Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
Specialized in the production of fireplaces, bathrooms, columnes, fountains end architectural works
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Sogramar S.r.l. - Massa (MS) - Italy
Our main production is based on granite slabs, standard tiles and cut-to-size materials for special project.
GDA Marble & Granite - Massa (MS) - Italy
Own quarryes of:carrara venato-venatino & arabescato m. Processing plant for marble & granite special production of thin marble & granite slabs. Blocks-slabs&finished products
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Stratos S.r.l. - Verona (VR) - Italy
Automatic edge polishing machines with floating heads for flat, inclined and bull-noses profiles of marble and granite
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Parma Macchine S.r.l. - Pedrengo (BG) - Italy
Machines for working marble and granite,bridge cutters,lathes,flamming,sandblasting,abuting,cross cutting and kerbstone line.
Europea Marmi di Giacopuzzi Dino - Domegliara (VR) - Italy
We are productions tiles of marble
Riel Sanwa Srl - Malnate (VA) - Italy
Diamond tools for marble, granite, stone processing. Final polishing wheels. Whleels for polishing edges, polishing bullnose, chitchen plate, CNC machines. Glossh checker. Diamond segments and final polishing for industrial lines.
Scaringi Marmi di Scaringi & C. S.a.s. - Trani (BA) - Italy
Our own quarries of perlato svevo, filetto rosso, spring. Production of blocks, slabs, tiles, cut to size.
Marmor Semper S.r.l. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Our company is qualified in marble and rare onix trade from outside Italy, in specially from Turkey.
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M.C s.r.l Marmi Ceccarelli - Ortonovo (SP) - Italy
Manufacturing Commerce marbles and granites.Available more than 130 types of materials - in polished slabs 2,3,4cm thickness - at our factory.
Masselli Antonio & Figli - Apricena (FG) - Italy
Working of the Apricena marble:Fiorito,Biancone,Bronzetto,Serpeggiante.Our products are:Window sills-Stairs-Risers-Tiles-Modulmarmo-Slabs
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E.L.MA. snc di Pace Claudio & C. - Custonaci (TP) - Italy
We can supplier Perlato Sicilia polished or rough marble. Our best products are: 1) Slabs at 2 or 3cm thick; 2) Tiles cut at size; 3) Steps; 4) Blocks.
Marmi Dolomiti - Sega di Cavaion (VR) - Italy
Marketing of new and exclusive marble of turkish, greek, asian and brazilian origins. Sales of top quality blocks, processed slabs or tiles (polished,flamed etc.) and other cut-to-size items.
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Mundial Granit Sas - Trani (BA) - Italy
Over 70 granites and 40 marbles of 5 continents
Tesimag Srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Waste water treatment, fluid control system package for granite gangsaw sawing mixture, centrifugal horizontal and vertical pumps.
M.P.S. S.n.c. - Aprilia (LT) - Italy
Portable oildynamic machine for working marble and granit and tools.
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Geal Srl - Agliana (PT) - Italy
Geal´s technology is based on its construction experience and on the knowledge of the problems concerning treatment and restoration of cotto, stone and wood.
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M.G. SK S.r.l. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Commerce and works of marbles granites and stones
Merli Marmi s.n.c. - Voghera (PV) - Italy
Manufacturing marbles, granites and stones.
Santini Massimo Elettromeccanica - Seravezza (LU) - Italy
Industrial electric system for machines.Control box for machines with the most modern electric and electronic tecnologies.Service all around the world.
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Walker & Zanger Europe sas - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Branch office of Walker & Zanger, Inc. / New York
Sottilmarmo Savoia - Volargne (VR) - Italy
Marble tiles production 12"x12"- 18"x18"
A.D.M. di Antonio Dentoni - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Production, sawing, manufacturing, commerce of Marbles, Granites, Travertines. Floors, internal, external walls and columns coverings. Special works.
OLIFER s.r.l. - Odolo (BS) - Italy
Saw steel blades
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Pesavento g&g snc di Pesavento Giovanni & C. - Roana Fraz. Canove (VI) - Italy
Marble factory
EURO.GRA.MAR. s.r.l. - Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
We Produce Every Thing is Possible with Marble, Granite and Stone.
Vannucci Alberto S.r.l. - Stazzema (LU) - Italy
Our company production pavements to whites marbles
Mondial porfidi S.n.c. - Fornace (TN) - Italy
Quarried and worked according to italian tradition the red porphyry (The natural vulcanic rock)
Klindex S.r.l. - Manopello (PE) - Italy
Machines and diamond disk for grinding and polishing marble,terrazzo,granite and other limestone floors
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Remuzzi Camillo & Figlio - Bergamo (BG) - Italy
Manufactured marbles, granites and stones
Stone Tek Srl - Massa (MS) - Italy
marble and granite exporter
Tirreno Marmi Srl - Orosei (NU) - Italy
Extraction working and commerce marbles of sardinia (daino and perlato olimpo, clear and vein types). paving - tiles - worked
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Edil Marmi International S.r.l. - Gorizia (GO) - Italy
Marble, granite, warehouse stock, slab and small pieces of marble from Italy and the rest of the world.
SACI Srl - Massarosa (LU) - Italy
Automation Marble
Ismas Snc - Comiso (RG) - Italy
Marble and granite slabs.
Officina Meccanica Magisa - Ostuni (BR) - Italy
Machines for extracting stone or tuff in blocks. Building yard machines. Mechanical costructions
Mazzucchelli Alfredo & Figli - Ortonovo (SP) - Italy
Import Export Marbles , Granites and stones Blocks , slabs and processed works
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Terracon - Firenze (FI) - Italy
Feasibility study and prospecting for dimension stones. Quarry planning. Georadar investigation for fractures and cavities. Environmental impact studies.
F.lli D´Angelo C. & G. Snc - Palermo (PA) - Italy
Decarli Luca & C. snc - Pergine Valsugana (TN) - Italy
We are specialyzed in the working of granite and in the production of tombstone and monuments.
Porfidi Montegorsa Srl - Albiano (TN) - Italy
We mine,work and supply every type of ´porfido´ porphyry of trentino
CML Sas di Ugo Tognetti e C. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Import-Export Marbles, Granits and Stones, in blocks, slabs, tiles and cut to size.
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Socomac srl - Grezzana (VR) - Italy
Machines for marble and granite processing: unloaders, loaders, splitting machines, resin reinforcing lines, sucker lifting units
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Cusmar di A. Mangiapane & C. Sas - Custonaci (TP) - Italy
We are producer of Perlato and Perlatino tiles,slabs and blocks, but we export other marbles. We export our products to all over the world.
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Lamezia Marmi S.n.c. - Lamezia Terme - Italy
Tables, floor etc
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F.lli Barbieri di B.B. &c s.n.c. - Schiavon (VI) - Italy
We produce: tumbled stone, antique marble and the special Ancient Sheen Marble.Is a finishing process obtained by an ecological patented process.
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S.C.M. di Renato Rossi & C. sas - Carrara (MS) - Italy
import-export marble, granites and stones
Modulgranito Picarelli Leopoldo - Cetraro (CS) - Italy
1 cm thick calibrated, smoothed and polished granite tiles and modulgranite
Arrighi Gianluigi - Cannobio (VB) - Italy
Laying, polishing floor in marble, granite and grit
V. Fontanili S.r.l. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Marbles granites limestones onyxes, some of our esclusivity, worked in our two factories in Carrara.
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Perissinotto S.p.A. - Vimodrone (MI) - Italy
Antiabrasive pumps for the stone industry, 50 years of activity in the segment.
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Quadrelli S.r.l. - Cavaria (VA) - Italy
Eelectronic weight system, weight bridge, load cells.
Marmi Lanza Spa - Volargne (VR) - Italy
Marmi Lanza proposes aproxl. 55 different type of granite in blocks, slabs, tiles and other finishings
GE.M.E.G. Srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Own marbles quarries
Fruendi Luigi Marmi - Carrara (MS) - Italy
White marble curbstones for pavements and cubes production, scored tiles for floowrings.
Tirreno Marmi Srl - Orosei (NU) - Italy
tiles marmo orosei
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Tecmar di Padula Tonino & C. S.a.s. - Montesilvano (PE) - Italy
Patented tumbling machines to age marbles, granit and stones they work with water or water and sand.
Effepi S.n.c - Massa (MS) - Italy
Printing small souvenirs in white marble of Carrara we made little watch whith printing yours logo
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Future Stones Snc - Gravina in Puglia (BA) - Italy
Realization of inlays in marble with waterjet. Workmanship of surfaces with sabbiatura. Il all directly from pc with autocad (dwg or dxf)
Carlo Nicoli Sicmas Srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
studio for marble sculpture, specialised artistic workmanship of marble granite and stones
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Fotoceramica Apuana snc - Carrara (MS) - Italy
the best quality of photos on ceramic for monumenty+
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Segrasa s.r.l. - Porto Torres (SS) - Italy
Slabs with polished surfaces, tiles, paving with special working techniques, furnishing, steep paths, hewn stones drains.
Mateco S.r.l. - Sarzana (SP) - Italy
RTS Production Units able to transform raw blocks into semifinished or finished products in quarry area. Mobile factory in container turn key supply.
Dry Wall System - Nettuno (RM) - Italy
Production of:damp proof for stone,antigraffiti system.
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Emaco Srl - Viareggio (LU) - Italy
Our own marble & granite quarries. Export of Italian and foreign marble & granite block, slab, tile & cut-to-size. Contractor for marble & granite works.
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Pareto Marmi Snc - Alessandria (AL) - Italy
Working and installation marble and granites for cimiteral art, buildings and internal
Tecna Officine Chimiche S.R.L. - Viareggio (LU) - Italy
Our society is taken care of chemistry to high technological level, for companies that work in the marble and the granite one.
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Corsi Gino s.a.s. - Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
production, fabrication and trade of marble and stones
Effe Elle Design di Ferrari Leonardo - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Trade, Agency, Advice. Marbles, Granites & Machinery for stone industry.
Leo Giosue - Carovigno (BR) - Italy
stone ostuni italy
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Prof. Romeo Dall´Era snc - Venezia (VE) - Italy
Fine stone cutting workshop/marble yard since 1896
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Mummolo Nazario Levigature Pavimenti - San Severo (FG) - Italy
Polishing marble floor & granit
email   web (Click 1836)
Edilmarmi Srl - Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
Edilmarmi srl, since 1972, exports white and coloured marbles for: flooring, cladding, modulmarble tiles, stanadrd stairs, slabs, skirting board
email   web (Click 1504)
Giovannozzi Srl - Tivoli (RM) - Italy
Manufacturing and commerce travertine, marble and granite.
email   web (Click 1441)
Pulino & Sammito S.n.c - Ragusa (RG) - Italy
decorate marble and stone
email   web (Click 1234)
Vama Sas - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Marble and Granite since 23 years of experience make VAMA S.A.S. the ideal partner for your company. Many materials at disposition for your jobs.
Scandola Marmi S.n.C. - Stallavena (VR) - Italy
Marbe, granite and agglomerate skirting boards and thresholdes
Pietrarte s.n.c. - Bagni di Tivoli (RM) - Italy
marble and stone
email   web (Click 1325)
B&B snc di Blanco Nunzio e c - Castel Maggiore (BO) - Italy
marble stone
Meduso Marmi Snc - Rutigliano (BA) - Italy
Inlaid working and production in marbles, stones and granits of:tops for baths and kitchens, floors, coverings, staircases, inlaid polychromes rosettes.
Tecnostone di Grassini Stefano - Busca (CN) - Italy
Project & Commerce
Cleri Marmi (BA) - Italy
wholesale trade of marbles
Pulino & Sammito S.n.c - Modica (RG) - Italy
We can realise every decorating for sone and marble.
email   web (Click 1598)
Mirko Menconi Marmi Srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Exclusive producer of Arabescato Piana.We cut and polish both white and coloured marble.We sell marble and granite, slabs or cut to size all over the world.
Tosco Diamant s.r.l. - Montignoso (MS) - Italy
production and sale of diamond tools for processing and quarrying of marble and stone
email   web (Click 2196)
GM International Srl - Seravezza (LU) - Italy
Agent of: Petro imp/exp LTD Blocks of: Marble,Stone,Travertine,Limestone
Mondial Marmi Srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Azul Macaubas Azul bahia verde ming spectrolite, peacock brown, angola blu, acquamarina in blocks, slabs and tiles
Paesina Stile - Ivrea (TO) - Italy
Paesina Stone, World Fossil Project, watches, company products, gift
Tiboldo Graniti Srl - Baldissero Canavese (TO) - Italy
extraction new material:granite Verde Jaco the colour green/azure veined white
Toscoveneta Marmi e Graniti S.p.A. - San Vendemiano (TV) - Italy
Cutting of blocks into slabs of natural stone (marble, granite and other stones). Manufacture on customer´s specifications and sale of natural stone slabs.
email   web (Click 1540)
Ditta Walter Quaglia - Martignacco (UD) - Italy
Small firm with experience in marble and granite products, regarding top quality internal and external finishing. Ready to move abroad, knowledge of langueges.
Mec Graniti & Marmi S.r.l. - Grezzana (VR) - Italy
export marble granits and travertino cross cut
Mussap Marco Lav Marmi e Graniti - Carrara (MS) - Italy
rounds cuts, flooring, vanities, special medallions, with a special machine "contour 4 axes", so to secure a good quality of products
S.I.R.C. Srl - Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
You must visit Sirc srl to Pietrasanta.
Quarry Service Srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Builder the chain sawing machine for marble and stone mod qs 2000
Studio Camerino - Carrara (MS) - Italy
marble and granite catalogues - depliants - brochures - technical data - small booklets - marble and granite posters - photo posters - cd rom
Immagine & Pubblicità - Carrara (MS) - Italy
marble and granite catalogues - technical data - small booklets - marble and granite posters - photo - marble and granite on cd rom
Fillade Srl - Cagliari (CA) - Italy
Basalts; Sandstones; Trachytes;Limestones; Granites; Phillades.
Battista Macchine - Trani (BA) - Italy
Our products are: second-hand and new machines for marble;stands and binary exhibitors for slabs;bridges-carts
Vecchi e Nicolò s.n.c. - Bagnacavallo (RA) - Italy
Marbles & Granites
Parisi Adelchi di Arch. Parisi Leo - Milano (MI) - Italy
Production of funeral monuments
F.lli Mattei S.r.l. - San Giorgio a Liri (FR) - Italy
internal and external covering, finished products, treads, rises, slabs, marble tiles and modulars in different size. i perlato royal stone and italian marbles
F.lli Damigella S.p.A. - Grammichele - Italy
imoprt export marble and granit
email   web (Click 1291)
Cristallina - Terno d´Isola (BG) - Italy
I servizi vengono eseguiti anche in Territorio Svizzero
email   web (Click 1508)
Edilpietra snc - Acquasanta Terme (AP) - Italy
Firm specialized in working Italian and foreign TRAVERTINES.40year experience in the firld of this stone.
email   web (Click 1414)
Ing. Roberto Vallarino - Sarzana (SP) - Italy
Edilcasa Snc - Massa (MS) - Italy
Edilizia pubblica e privata
Dell´Amico Frank Stone - Massa (MS) - Italy
We sells Granites,Stones,Marbles in slabs,rough blocks and tiles whit a high level of quality and contoll. We sells directlty from quarrys in Norway
In Marmo Duemila - Luco dei Marsi (AQ) - Italy
rivestimenti per caminetti scolpiti e lucidati esclusivamente a mano
email   web (Click 1105)
Elcos Srl - Bologna (BO) - Italy
Elcos offers to ornamental stones producers various services : visual aspect characterisation, digital image services, on-line catalogues,....
Alessandro Bernini Ristrutturazione Edil - Firenze (FI) - Italy
Inside Restructuration
Emme Pìu´ - Marmi s.n.c. - Montefalcone nel Sannio (CB) - Italy
Marble Art
email   web (Click 1278)
A. Bernacca & C. S.r.l. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
we export worldwide since 1930 for any size project with: tiles, floors, mosaics, columns, slabs etc.
email   web (Click 1421)
V.R.F. Srl - Roncegno (TN) - Italy
splitting maschines and complete lines for natural stone and concrete
Bianco + Gotti Studio di Architettura - Bergamo (BG) - Italy
architectural design atelier
F.lli Brocolini Restauri S.n.c. di Raffa - Genova (GE) - Italy
Restauration and artistic workmanship of the marble
Pulino Marmi S.n.c - Modica (RG) - Italy
Sicilian marble and stone for evey project.
Graniti Bazzichi Srl - Seravezza (LU) - Italy
Commerce and manufacturing natural stones
Geom. Remuzzi Ezio - Bergamo (BG) - Italy
Stone planning and marble projecting
Di e Di Forum S.r.l. - Bonito (AV) - Italy
Greche, Rosoni e mosaici.
Il Ponte S.r.l. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
All types of treatment and processing for series as well unique pieces, hand-made by artisans and sculptor with years of experience.
email   web (Click 1217)
Camma S.r.l. - Bagni di Tivoli (RM) - Italy
machinerie for marble, granite: cuttingblocks , squaring machines, bridge sawing machines, polishing machines for slabs & for tiles, edge polishing machine,
email   web (Click 2557)
Vito Calianno - Pietre & Marmi - Martina Franca (TA) - Italy
Stone of Trani. We realize bocciardati coverings and pavements (fine medium and large grain) and anticati (La Pietra delle Murge).
email   web (Click 1202)
Coreno Marmi Srl - Coreno Ausonio (FR) - Italy
The Coreno Marmi is exclusiviste for the Perlato Coreno that is extracted in local quarries of limestone
Vama Sas - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Marble and Granite from over 20 years of experience makes VAMA S.A.S. the ideal partner for your company. Production of Modulmarble cm.1,Slabs, finishe works.
Pratici International Trade - Massa (MS) - Italy
export of used and new machines for work marble and granite export of white marble carrara in stock
StodeDesign - Verona (VR) - Italy
email   web (Click 1811)
I.M.G. International Marble and Granite - Ausonia (FR) - Italy
production and trading of all the marble and granite in: blocks slabs modul cut to size
Industria Lo Bianco Marmi e Graniti Srl - Palermo (PA) - Italy
Manufacturer and export marble in the forms blocks,cut to size, floor tiles, top.
email   web (Click 1211)
Marmi Cipriani Snc - Cavaion (VR) - Italy
tiles 12"X12"X3/8 of Botticino Semiclassico and Fiorito, Carrara Cd, Rosso Asiago, Rosa Perlino and Bianco Perlino
email   web (Click 1255)
Fabrizio Del Giudice - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Work whith Waterjet system cut operator Fabrizio Del Giudice
ISC Srl - Sarzana (SP) - Italy
We realize furnishing components using marble, glass, wood, etc., without limits on design, dimension and creativity, starting from a simple picture.
Ricci Marmi e Graniti s.n.c. di Ricci P: - Collesalvetti (LI) - Italy
Marble and stone.
Ravano Marmi s.n.c. - Pastena - Italy
Stone, marble, granite
Ditta Marmorato Carlo - Villasanta (MI) - Italy
F.lli Bagnoli Srl - Marzana (VR) - Italy
Production and working of conglomerates: slabs, floorings, finishes (steps of all kinds), coverings, etc. Working and commerce of natural stones.
email   web (Click 1250)
Litos di Boldrini Arturo e C S.n.c. - Fanano (MO) - Italy
sculptur and other with sandstone
Pa. Mar. di Felice Pasquadibisceglie - Trani (BA) - Italy
email   web (Click 1100)
Fotoceramica Apuana snc - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Our firm has studied a long to solve complicated problems and we tried a lot before obtaing our ceramic of quality.
Stone Age Marmi e Graniti - Massa (MS) - Italy
general trade of italian and impoted marble and granite,specialized particularly in white carrara marble(statuario)
email   web (Click 1491)
Lapis Creation - Montignoso (MS) - Italy
marble floor polishing
Open Trade Srl - Russi (RA) - Italy
import granit
S.TE.EL. - Cagliari (CA) - Italy
Marmocasa di Montecchi G.Carlo e Figli - Modena (MO) - Italy
Cut to size marble and granite floor
Smeralda Costruzioni Snc - Quartu S.E. (CA) - Italy
Specialized in commerce of national and international marble and granites, with prevalence of good quality materials coming from sardinian caves.
Sangiorgio S.r.l - Reggio Calabria (RC) - Italy
Quarrying and working Grey Calabria, Import-Export marble granite and stone
Edilsalvatorello s.r.l. - Saponara (ME) - Italy
Business edile
email   web (Click 1822)
B&S Italia Srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Italian insurance broker company experienced in managing risks arising from the running of business activities related to stone trading.
Capozzi International Inc - Italy
Limestone for arches, balustrades, columns, gazebos, and garden ornaments. Stone veneer for cladding
Architetto - Molfetta (BA) - Italy
Dorata di Sicilia s.rl - Mistretta (ME) - Italy
Stone material called "DORATA di SICILIA" Mineralogical Features:Quartz(SiO) predominant 98% Feldspato,traces
Euroscaf S.r.l. - Casella D´Asolo (TV) - Italy
Mast climbing work platforms. width from mt. 4,80 to 25,10, max. height 170 mt. suitable for renewing façades and to cover with marble / granite slabs/tiles.
email   web (Click 1511)
Manti Dol. Ci. Snc - Villafranca (VR) - Italy
Marini Marmi S.r.l. - Castro (BG) - Italy
Our Firm has been quarring and processing the Ceppo di Gré directly from our quarry since 1897. We do guarantee our clients experience and best quality
email   web (Click 1267)
Eurostone Marmi s.n.c. - Apricena (FG) - Italy
Stone and marble.
Intership SpA - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Shipping Agent Forwarding Agency
Stone Line s.r.l - Mogliano Veneto (TV) - Italy
company specialized in the supply and in rests in marble work and granit for paving and furnishing for apparel storees and designers
For.Ma. s.r.l. - Piazza Armerina (EN) - Italy
FORMA,is a industry leader in the workmanship and distribution modul marble ,granite and stone.
Stone Glamour s.r:l. - Bussolengo (VR) - Italy
Stone consulting, research and inspection of cut to size, slabs, blocks and tiles worldwide.
email   web (Click 2000)
Pietra di Sarnico Cave snc - Paratico (BS) - Italy
email   web (Click 1192)
Frigione Cosimo Lavori Edili - Trani (BA) - Italy
Gorietti s.r.l. - Pianello Perugia (PG) - Italy
grey stone
email   web (Click 1316)
Nord Export - Lurago Marinone (CO) - Italy
email   web (Click 1968)
Cleaner Sas - Padova (PD) - Italy
levigatura restauro e lucidatura pavimenti in marmo terrazzo veneziano e granito
Palmieri Giuseppe Marmi - Trani (BA) - Italy
the trani´s stone
Doct Eng Carlo Domeniconi - Massa (MS) - Italy
Stone Doct Eng, 30 years exp., planner, intermediator, quality and quantity surveyor, consultant, machinery and diamond and abrasive tools.
Scandola Marmi S.n.c. - Stallavena (VR) - Italy
Since 1964 works marble, granite and agglomerate skirting boards and thresholds. Decorate fillets. Antique skirting boards.
email   web (Click 1156)
IN.CO.MAR. S.R.L. - Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
Marble working colored white men and for: pavements, coverings, modulmarmo, scales standard.Commercio of blocks of White man Carrara and Arabescato Corchia.
Rossi Giovanni Marmi - Italy
Sell granits accesories and marmble
A & G Ingegneri Associati - Sarzana (SP) - Italy
Remo Chiappero - Bagnolo Piemonte (CN) - Italy
tiles with nutural or flammed surface,opus incertum in Luserna´ stone and in quazite IMPORT-EXPORT
email   web (Click 1210)
New Stone di Fayadh Ali - Massa (MS) - Italy
Stone inspector marble,granite,limestone,and travertine-italy.egypt,greece,turkey and spain.
Marmo Servizi - Montemarciano (AN) - Italy
Our firm is specialized in dressing, polishing, restoring, treating and old making of marble, granite, brikwork and grit floors.
porcelli vito - Trani (BA) - Italy
trani stone store
email   web (Click 1192)
Stilarte Srl - Sassuolo (MO) - Italy
marble mosaic on the net (30x30cm): 1.5x1.5cm; 2.5x2.5cm: 5x5cm; marble travertino border, sink and baht room accessories.
email   web (Click 1175)
GARDELLA SRL - Voghera (PV) - Italy
Spare parts for waterjet cutting machines: orifices in sapphire, ruby and diamond; long life abrasive nozzles; HP spares; HP intensifier pumps.
email   web (Click 1685)
Marmi Verona - Domegliara (VR) - Italy
Since 1963 our company Marmi Verona has been operating in the industry of natural stone We are specialized in the manufacturing of natural granite tiles.
CRAGLIA MARMI SRL - Tolentino (MC) - Italy
Stone-working and sales italian and foreign MARBLE AND GRANITE
email   web (Click 1255)
Technogranite S.r.l. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Machines and accessories for marble, granite and stones extraction, diamond wire sawing machines, diamond wire, chain saws, multi wire gang-saws.
Pietro Concas - S.Ana Arresi (CA) - Italy
Buider and Contractors, founded since more than 20 years, is specialized in marbles, ganites and stones with every shaped and dimension.
email   web (Click 1004)
MAER s.r.l. Travertini - Bagni di Tivoli (RM) - Italy
The MAER export Travertine navona, alabastrino, noce classico in blocks, slabs and tiles.
CO.GE.MAR. S.r.l. - Massa (MS) - Italy
Production, Manufacturing, Commerce, in marbles, granites and stones.
Marmi Rosati S.r.l. - Castellammare del golfo (TP) - Italy
We are producer of: Rosso Sicilia, Rosa Antico, Rosa Corallo and Rosa Perlino. We works Perlato Sicilia too. Contac us to see our materials..
Dolomia - Naz - Sciaves (BZ) - Italy
Marbles - granites extimations expertises
ABM Aledino, La Magia nel Mosaico - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Marble mosaic for traditional and naval interior design. We produce 2 mm of tickness marble mosaic.
email   web (Click 1548)
Graniti Bazzichi S.r.l. - Seravezza (LU) - Italy
Granite and Marble trading
Gaiardoni Rappresentanze - Teramo (TE) - Italy
email   web (Click 1023)
Dal Prete Engineering srl - S.Ambrogio V.lla (VR) - Italy
Equipment for stone industry. Second-hand machines , technical service .
COMAD s.n.c. - Firenzuola (FI) - Italy
STONE SUN.........
email   web (Click 1413)
Black Stone of America Srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
We are supplier of every kind of marble and granite esp. Marble Carrara White and Marble Statuario in every size :blocks,slabs,tiles and Cut-to-size.
email   web (Click 1344)
Litosud snc - Foggia (FG) - Italy
Litosud snc
Amso International s.a.s. - Massa (MS) - Italy
Diamond tools distribution and sells on line with a power ecommerce application. A wide range of tools. Credit card option.
SPI-GM - Verona (VR) - Italy
bush-hammering -flamming machines
Antiqva Domvs - Santa Caterina Villarmosa (CL) - Italy
Commerce and production of marbles and artistic ceramic.
Geom. Davide Ollasci - Civate (LC) - Italy
Stones elements projects, piece to piece stones drawings, cimitery buildings projects.
Salvini Marmi S.p.A. - Prevalle (BS) - Italy
Thin marble tiles and slabs in Botticino and Breccia Oniciata
email   web (Click 1230)
Elcos S.r.l. - Bologna (BO) - Italy
Bom is the first retailer on line of ornamental floor tiles (marbles and granites) which and guarantees the correspondence between the exposed images tiles
Covelli & Ccaringi Snc. Marble and Stone - Trani (BA) - Italy
production of: perlato svevo-serpeggiante-filetto rosso-fiorito-breccia imperiale-nuvolato-bronzetto our products: tiles-antiqued line-slabs and cut to size
Paolucci Michele - Jelsi (CB) - Italy
Working of the marble, stone and granito, funeraria art, cimiteriale furnishings, top for kitchens and baths.
Amso International s.a.s. - Massa (MS) - Italy
Marble, granite, stones productions and export in all the world. Slabs, tiles, fireplaces, columns, cut to size jobs and more.
email   web (Click 1419)
Compagnia Italiana Porfidi - Fornace (TN) - Italy
italian and argentinas porphir production
Pratici International Trade - Massa (MS) - Italy
Used equipment for work marbles and granites Producer od turbo blades
email   web (Click 1021)
Future Stones snc - Gravina in Puglia (BA) - Italy
inlay marble, italian style
email   web (Click 1195)
Marmista Mattanza Enrico - Brescia (BS) - Italy
Vendesi usato: fresa a ponte marca TERZAGO F 30. """"""""""""" Leviga manettone. """"""""""""" Compressore.
Mi Marmifera Irpina - Avellino (AV) - Italy
we can suppying all italian´s marbles slabs, and we can do all works from the ireplaces to the building´s suppyings
Marmi Megi 94 s.a.s. - Verona (VR) - Italy
funerary arts, loculus tomb stones with artistic decorations,graphite colors, of the defunct ( deceased )we produce designs on request
Marimpex Srl di Iacopi & Marioni - Carrara (MS) - Italy
carrara marbles c,cd,statuario,calacata; acquabianca,bardiglio imperiale; marbles and granites from italy and all over the world; specific works.
email   web (Click 1242)
Agenzia di Servizi Srl - Livorno (LI) - Italy
email   web (Click 1167)
Vimar Srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
supplier of blocks, slabs, cut to size of marbles, stones and travertines. import - export all over the world.
email   web (Click 2094)
Sorma Spa - Mestre (VE) - Italy
Diamond tools
email   web (Click 2182)
A.D.M. marbles Granites travertines - Carrara (MS) - Italy
we are producers for Marbles, Granites, Limestones, Sandstones, as: Blocks,Random Slabs, Cut to Sizes, Floor and Covering Tiles, Projects, etc.
email   web (Click 1228)
Pavistone Srl - Olbia (SS) - Italy
Manufacturers and exporters of Sardinian Granite (natural cut and tumbled)items: cubes, tiles, binders, bricks, columns, kerbstones, seafront pebbles, etc.
L"e; Artistica Ceramica Modenese srl - Roma (RM) - Italy
We are specialized in recomposed materials:travertino, cooto and wood.We produce listells, fountains, pots, columns and every item requestd by our customers.
Industrial Stones Italy srl - Olbia (SS) - Italy
Industrial Stones Italy is a sardinian company leader in quarrying and manufacturing stones.
impregeco s.a.s. - Gricignano di Aversa (CE) - Italy
costruzioni edili generali
INDUSTRIAL CHEM ITALIA S.R.L. - Capezzano Pianore - Italy
Hi,We are one of the best companies of chemical products for marble, granite, limestone, sandstone and slate.
ELITTE MARBLE S.R.L. - Trani - Italy
email   web (Click 1160)
SIMEC S.p.A. - Castello di Godego TV - Italy
The SIMEC Group is specialised in the production of machines and complete systems for working Natural Stone, Porcelain finish gres and Double glazing.
email   web (Click 2225)
if associati - insogna fazio architetti - Genova (GE) - Italy
Architectural and engineering project
arte del pavimento srl - roma (RM) - Italy
marble granite
Canalini Ercole Marmi - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Producing tops, fireplaces, floor and wall covers also with insert, classic and modern sculptures, columns, massive tops for bathroom and kitchen
email   web (Click 1386)
Laguna S.r.l. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
We are an Import& Export company specialized in Marble Travertine and Onyx. We sell Blocks, slabs and cut to size
Architetto Giovanni Privitera - Biella (BI) - Italy
marble designer
Barola Benedetto - Valmasino (SO) - Italy
Extraction gray granit from Valmasino SONDRIO ITALY
Montemaggiore Arte - montefiore Conca (RN) - Italy
azienda azienda
Serpentino e Graniti - Chiuro (SO) - Italy
Albert S.n.C. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Carrara marble´s statues catalog (funerary art)
email   web (Click 1952)
Elmari Industrial & Trading Co. Srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Import-Export Marble, Granite & Stone in blocks, slabs, tiles, skirtings. Italian and international materials.
Italtec s.n.c - S. Martino B.A. (VR) - Italy
construction of tangential heads with 6-7 rocking abrasive supports for the polishing of the granite and porcelainized stoneware
Nuova Isorno Graniti Srl - Montecrestese (VB) - Italy
the exploited materials are il serizzo, la beola, i graniti sardi, il porriño ed il granito rosa di baveno
Avola Stone srl - Modica - Italy
tiles cut-size of mediterraneo limestones
Studio progettazione - Roma - Italy
Assi.Com. Pompe - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Asistenza per segherie di marmo e granito. Costruttrice di Ferrojet recuperatore di graniglia per telai da granito.
email   web (Click 4201)
Mastromauro Marmi - Trani (BA) - Italy
Commercio pietra di Trani , produzione lastrine incerte di Scorza in pietra grezza di Trani ,tranciati in pietra,scoppato.
La Nuova Graniti International - Forlimpopoli (FO) - Italy
Marble granite and natural stones.
Nicola Delia Consulente Lapideo - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Own quarryes in Mexico Breccia red Marble,Travertine.Marbles,granites-Diamond products and machinerys for procesing blocks-slabs,tiles
Ri.Va Marmi snc - Domegliara (VR) - Italy
production of floors, slabs and marble tiles polished, honed, brushed and antique finished. Sizes are cm.30,5x30,5x1 /40x40x1,3 / 45,7x45,7x1,3 / 61x30,5x1.
email   web (Click 1215)
Radar Geoservizi s.a.s. - Torino (TO) - Italy
Geophysical investigations (electrical and seismic tomography, G.P.R.)
email   web (Click 1681)
Canalini Marmi di Canalini Sonia - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Trade of blocks and slabs of marble and granite
Cava del Marmo Verde "fleuran" - Issogne (AO) - Italy
cava del marmo verde "fleuran" production - commerce marbles
Alma Italia Srl - Torino (TO) - Italy
Software for water-jet cutting machines Act/Mosaico: automatic puzzle Act/Pavè: automatic floor drawing Act/Sign: chr and immages Act/Cut: Nesting
email   web (Click 1980)
Taltos Spa - Inverso Pinasca (TO) - Italy
Produces stone slabs of large dimension but only a few millimetres in thickness for flooring exterior / interior walls ceiling table top naval lift
email   web (Click 1290)
Tecnomec s.n.c. - Trani (BA) - Italy
Tecnomec snc produces along with stone and marble cutting and trimming machines, handling systems which can be separately used or arranged in line.
email   web (Click 2128)
Luciano Amato"Pietre D´Autore" - Bari (BA) - Italy
Look this site
Giuliano Marmi s a s - Sanremo (IM) - Italy
idem come sopra
email   web (Click 1067)
Tonarelli Guglielmo & C. snc - Massa (MS) - Italy
We can supply blocks, slabs, tiles in white carrara marble, statuario, bardilgio, calacatta and other.
email   web (Click 1069)
Aman Marbles Granites - Carrara (MS) - Italy
marble and granite in blocks, slabs, tiles, cut to size jobs for projects.
Arch. Valter Filatondi - Bardolino (VR) - Italy
Shop Drawings and Cutting list of the materials
Edildecori Pignataro - Ginosa (TA) - Italy
The ours business produce movables bath.
email   web (Click 1904)
Luisi Claudio - Seravezza (LU) - Italy
artistic work marble granite e stone. performance of putting in work,restoration and polishing pavements.
Interconsult - Trapani (TP) - Italy
Interconsult - sicily marble
email   web (Click 1193)
Groan Marmi - Misinto (MI) - Italy
Manufacturing and trade of marbles and granites
Euroglobo s.r.l. - Milano (MI) - Italy
Euroglobo s.r.l Import& Export Brasilian Granite
Passalacqua Marmi Srl - Apricena (FG) - Italy
Quarrying and processing of Fiorito Adriatico, Bronzetto and Serpeggiante. Products: Blocks, Slabs, Thickness, Floors, covering and Urban decor.
Cerchio Marmi s.r.l. - Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
marble & granite
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Gromar srl - San Martino sulla Marrucina (CH) - Italy
Gromar srl works in the processing of marble, granite, stone, and travertine and produces floorings, indoor and outdoor lining, stairs and street furniture.
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Fox Ironstone - Milano (MI) - Italy
cup grinding wheels for granit
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Procer Engineering - massa (MS) - Italy
progettazione e certificazione
Producer of Lavastone and Luserna Stone , cut to size according to customer requirement
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Geom. Cataldi - Marmi & Graniti - - Ferentino (FR) - Italy
Manufactoring marbles, granites and stones.
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Corafa Snc - Terracina (LT) - Italy
we product floor tiles of marble grits with decorated by hand - venetian & sawn marble - size 20x20 - 25x25 - 40x40
email   web (Click 1039) - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Long experienced company specialized in the production and regeneration of plastic-coated and springs diamond wires.
Ferraloro Marco lav.marmi e graniti - Capo d´Orlando (ME) - Italy
The Ferraloro Marco´s company operates in the field of the marbles and granites from about 20 years.....
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Studio di Architettura e Design - Torino (TO) - Italy
several years in direction and planning on interior design of public environment, technical in charge in some society of hotel´s furnishings.
email   web (Click 1984)
AZ Graniti e Marmi - Calangianus (SS) - Italy
Cave proprie rosa corallo. Estrazione lavorazione e commercio di marmi e graniti Sardi.
Milcomar Spa - VOLARGNE DI DOLCE´ (VR) - Italy
Own quarry of beige marble Daino Reale / Breccia Sarda / Bianco Oroe.Suppliers of slabs, tiles, cut-to-sizes in marble and granite.
Made in Carrara - Carrara (MS) - Italy
The widest catalogue of furnishing and decorative objects of Carrara marble, local food and tourism.
Ardesit S.n.c. di Arata Vittorio Quinto - Monleone di Cicagna (GE) - Italy
Ardesit quarries and works just top quality Italian slate,coming from own quarries:it´s waterproof,insulating,frost-resistant;in exteriors doesn´t warp
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Maiorana Salvatore - Castellammare del Golfo (TP) - Italy
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SM Sperti Marmi del Rag. Sperti Paolo - CURSI (LE) - Italy
Marbles, granites, stones
Diamond Steel Srl - Trescore Balneario (BG) - Italy
Italian producer for diamond tools for marble, granite, stone and building
Pellegrino Marmi SNC - Formia (LT) - Italy
A marble industry specialized in interior decoration: kitchen, bathromm, fireplace, table and other..
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Bertolini & C. srl - Marina di Carrara (MS) - Italy
granites stock
mondialardesia srl - moconesi (GE) - Italy
quarry owners import and export marble, granite, naturalstone.Slate in different colours for any use.
email   web (Click 1149)
CM Grafica - Manduria (TA) - Italy
email   web (Click 920)
Marmi Ghirardi - carpenedolo (BS) - Italy
Qarries,blocks,slabs,special works,wall claddings,ventilated claddings,from project to final fixing.Studing special anchors,site management and work assistance.
SE. CO. MAR. Srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
SE.CO.MAR. Srl is a dynamic and young company, at the same time we pride ourselves of very experienced know-how in the international natural stone field.
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We are manufacturer of electric motors.
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Edil Progress - Cividate al Piano (BG) - Italy
We are an important company and we have an immense range of italian and international stone materials.
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Covis srl - Thiene (VI) - Italy
Garnet sand for water-jet machines, avaiable just in time.
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Linea Sebastiano - Conselice (RA) - Italy
la Sebastiano arreda, realizza mobili e complementi di arredo in ferro battuto, con finiture e particolari in rame, legno, ottone e acciaio.
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Marmo Design srl - Capena (RM) - Italy
floors covers cubes slabs marbles stones outside inside workmanships mosaics frames greek inlays waterjet
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Piero Bettini - Firenze (FI) - Italy
Dimension stone consulting. Deposit evaluation and feasibility studies. Prospecting for dimension stones with great economic value. Quarry planning. Training.
Giampaoli Impianti S.r.l. - Arcola (SP) - Italy
Program GE and Siemens PLC.
AMG di L. Da Prato &c. s.n.c. - pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
the tradition of the superb quality,washstands cut from single blocks, tops ,architecture, marble yachts
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SO.CO.MA. S.R.L. - Coreno Ausonio (FR) - Italy
owner perlato royal´s quarries in coreno ausonio .we produce perlato royal blocks, granulati perlato royal (chips) for mosaic tiles and powder of marble.
email - bergamo (BG) - Italy
printer machiner
email   web (Click 1741)
Prometal Srl - Ravenna (RA) - Italy
Sanding,sand-blasting,industrial painting,fire resistant treatment,painting of tanks,façade cleaning,sheet piles for painting
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Palmieri Marmi Di Palmieri Giuseppe - Trani (BA) - Italy
Block slabs and tiles in trani´s marble
Ing. Enrico Peroni - Folignano (AP) (AP) - Italy
Chemical engineer
dalcieloallaterra (TO) - Italy
Projects of feng shui
Guido M.Fabbricotti fu B.Succ.ri S.r.l. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Marmi: calacata arabescato e calacata oro
F.P.M. s.r.l. - MONESIGLIO (CN) - Italy
Lavorazione pietra di langa.
email   web (Click 1218)
De Vilco - Nova Milanese (MI) - Italy
Water-jet cutting machines for marble and granite.5 axies machines.spare parts and assistance for wj machines.
OUTILS Sas di Zandonà Dino - Sacile (PD) - Italy
Tungsten carbide cutting segment suppliers forquarring machines
email   web (Click 1540)
Arch. Andrea Boltro - Trino (VB) - Italy
Studio tecnico Cervia Michelucci - Sarzana (SP) - Italy
Il nostro studio fornisce al cliente tutti i servizi collegati al settore immobiliare - project management -
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Nicola Mazzucchelli marbles - carrara (MS) - Italy
White statuary, calacatta, white carrara c
Euro Daewoo SA Italia - Cinisello Balsamo (MI) - Italy
The italian branch of daewoo heavy industries, manufacturer of electric, diesel and lpg forklifts, introduces the company, products and distribution network.
email   web (Click 1361)
Dott. Ing. Francesca Guidoni - Massa (MS) - Italy
Industrial and civil engineering - electric engineering, thermal and air conditionig engineering, technical consulting, safety, training coirses
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Italtrade s.r.l. - catania (CT) - Italy
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Studio Tecnico De Maria - Latronico (PZ) - Italy
Progettazione, rilievi geotopografici con gps, piani 626/494 and more...
Edilizia Belardi - Trani (BA) - Italy
Rasnel & Busch srl - Liscate (MI) - Italy
Laser copy 3d, laser line, laser pryoector, laser sensorlaser safety barrier
Piccini Marmi Srl - carrara (MS) - Italy
Own carrara marble quarry , rough and finished italian marbles, exclusive imported marbles from the five continents
email   web (Click 1089)
ECSEL SPA - Massa (MS) - Italy
Marble and granite factory including gang saws, polishing line and workshop. high tecnology breton and barsanti plants, supply of services and stone materials
Elettro Dienne - Verona (VR) - Italy
Engineering and automation for machine and production.
F.C Marmi di D. Ferriero e F.lli. S.a.s. - SANT´ANTIMO (NA) - Italy
F.c marmi s.a.s.
cosmotek di Cossali Adriano - Zanica (BG) - Italy
Second hand machines for marble and granite working
G. & G. Technology S. A. S. - VALENZANO (BA) - Italy
email   web (Click 1772)
Ezio Barbieri - legnago (VR) - Italy
Creation and production pavements in ready marble to mosaic rest
GRA.MEX SRL - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Our firmis in the marble, granites and onyx market. we have a customs stockyard in marina di carrara, full of interesting,exclusive materials.
Isimar srl - Ceparana (SP) - Italy
Isimar srl is the reference point for all marble&granite machineries necessary in the medium and small shops.
Magica - Stilo (RC) - Italy
Marbles, granities and stones - stilaro valley - calabria
L.Biagini marmi srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Slabs,tiles,finished works also lightweight panels in marble,granite,limestone.
MT Sas.di Gilberto Grasso& C. - verbania (VB) - Italy
Hammer idraulic
Calvi Ferdinando Marmi e Graniti - Maleo (LO) - Italy
Marbles, granites and natural stones cut to size.
Liguorimpianti Termoidraulici - Alatri (FR) - Italy
Artigianamarmi - Pandino (CR) - Italy
Lavorazione a idrogetto di marmi pietre e graniti,intarsi tagli tondi e sagmomature con macchine a controllo numerico.
email   web (Click 1036)
Cecconi Pietro & C. snc di Cecconi Anna - Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
We quarry our marble named cipollino (in green, grey, cream and blue colour).we also operating in the bianco carrara market, with skirting 8x1 and 10x1.
geometra marco maffeis - Cene (BG) - Italy
General project-measurement and track for constructor
Longobardi porfidi - c/mare di stabia (NA) - Italy
Commerce and rests in natural stone work
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C.S.M. Engineering S.r.l. - Quinto Valpantena (VR) - Italy
Stone processing plants and equipments, bridge cutters, block cutters, large disc saws, lathe and polishing machine.
Nike Srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Own quarry of marble blocks "grey fior di bosco" and "noisette fleury"
VRF by CA.ME.C snc - Rossano Veneto (VI) - Italy
Plant & splitting machine for stone.-
Megalith Italia di Virginio Celli - Roncegno terme (TN) - Italy
Technical consulent for stone working machinery.-
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F.lli Pegollo - Massa (MS) - Italy
F.lli pegollo marble workshops manifacturs windowsills, tiles, thresholds, shower sets/seats and corner shelves products.
email   web (Click 1045)
Export Marmi Graniti - Roccapalumba (PA) - Italy
Export marbles and granites
Mario Marmi - Ceriana/Sanremo (IM) - Italy
Costruttore edile cimiteriale
B.M. Consulenze di Bazzichi Maurizio - Querceta (LU) - Italy
Service for marble & granit
Tecnocladding - Verona - Italy
Tecnocladding not only performs design and creation of coverings but also given great attention to the processingof the marble and delivery management.
Laser3 S.n.c. - Torino (TO) - Italy
3d laser scanners. software development. editing of solid models; basreliefs and engravings made from 2d images.
email   web (Click 1473)
Teco Project s.r.l. - Dolcè (VR) - Italy
Inside and outside stone covering-ventilated facades:planning(survey-executive sketches-cutting list,supply fixing system and stone material,installing
Giorgio Zusi Editore - VERONA (VR) - Italy
Giorgio zusi editore published monthly magazine l´informatore del marmista since 1962 and quarterly magazine marmor since 1983.
email   web (Click 1617)
Zargross Marmi Srl - Comiso (RG) - Italy
Manufacturing-commerce marbles, stones, onix: rosa bellissimo,verde guatemala,raimbow stone, yellow, ecc.
email   web (Click 981)
Euromarble S.r.l. - Lucignano (AR) - Italy
Euromarble s.r.l., was founded in 1966, operating exclusively in the travertino market.
Piffer - Arosio (CO) - Italy
Splitted natural stones floor and wall tiles - trading and installation.
Promar sas di Antimo Dell´Omo Beneduce - Napoli (NA) - Italy
Distribuzione e rappresentanza di macchinari per lavorazione marmo, impiantistica ecologica,esperienza pluridecennale, distribuzione utensili diamantati
S.E.P.A.M. Snc - Mistretta (ME) - Italy
Mined working quartzarenite of mistretta
email   web (Click 886)
EdilSistema - Recco (GE) - Italy
Treatment permanent antislide for all the superficial calpestabili of mineral origin. adaptation to italian norms 626/94 of the paving
Marmisal s.r.l. - Massa (MS) - Italy
we deal in marble article tiles, steps, window-still, covering and so on. under request we are in plasure to offer our best price. salvatori g.
CMI srl - massa (MS) - Italy
Company specialized in the granits and marble field sale and works to you. imports and exports in italy and the rest of the world. sale slabs & blocks.
Officine Meccaniche Fioravante Claudio - Cardano al Campo (VA) - Italy
Overhaul, repair, sale, installation and attendance machine for theworking of the marble. specialistic workshop euromac.
CEPI T.A.A.S. s.r.l. - Pomezia (RM) - Italy
Wet type dust collector,for particulate contaminants.
email   web (Click 1326)
gioia marmi (BA) - Italy
My company finds in italy barium province. we want to open a marble warehouse egyptians. i would want to know the price of blocks.
Sermec srl - Schio (VI) - Italy
Second hand gregori bridge cutting machine for marble and granite.fully reconditoned.techincal assistance and spare parts for all gregori machinery.
email   web (Click 1708)
Fasani Celeste S.r.l. - Verona (VR) - Italy
Estrazione e lavorazione marmo rosso verona. semilavorati, pavimentazioni per esterni e complementi per l´arredo urbano (pavimneti e listelli anticati).
email   web (Click 975)
studio tecnico geometri viareggio - Viareggio (LU) - Italy
Studio tecnico geometritecnichal solution
email   web (Click 1271)
Fatima Marmi Srl - Trani (BA) - Italy
Suppliers of biancone and others type of limestone beige colour from own quarries
email   web (Click 1046)
F.lli Giorgini srl - 54100 (MS) - Italy
White marbles
email   web (Click 923)
Massimo Manara Macchine Marmo - CAORSO (PC) - Italy
Used machinery for marble and granit
STB - Stone Trade & Brokerage - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Own production of verde giada.special marbles and granites from all over the world.
Prussiani Engineering sas - Albino (BG) - Italy
-cnc work centres 3-4-5 interp.axes -cnc lathes 3 interp.axes -cnc water jet cutting machines 3-5 interp.axes -cnc bridge milling machine 5 interp.axes
email   web (Click 1698)
Studio di Architettura - Firenze (FI) - Italy
Marble and stone design
Delta s.r.l. - Gorlago (BG) - Italy
Complete range of anti stain sealers for marble, granite and natural stone.
Azul srl - Milano (MI) - Italy
Azul macaubas,marmo azzurro,design in pietra naturale,mosaici,oggetti decorativi,showroom milano,progettazione,location
email   web (Click 891)
Marmi di Carrara Srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Since 1956 we are italian supplier of every kind of marble,granite,onix,travertine bianco carrara,verde malachite,rosso damasco,costa smeralda,white onyx.
email   web (Click 986)
HS Veglio - Pianezza (TO) - Italy
Since 1973 manufacturer of a wide range of diamond tools for stone processing
SPI-GM - Verona (VR) - Italy
Brigde cutting machine
Ardesia Mangini A.&D. snc - Monleone di Cicagna (GE) - Italy
Top quality italian slateslabs,roofing,flooring
email   web (Click 900)
Studio Bridge - Capo d´orlando (ME) - Italy
Progect constructor
email marmi e graniti srl - Guasila (CA) - Italy
Realizzation marmi e graniti sardinia
f.lli porro srl - Bovisio Masciago (MI) - Italy
Forniture di top for table.
email   web (Click 1192)
DI.MAT. - Trani (BA) - Italy
The company is taken care of production and the sale of it blots some for the analogous marble working and. it has machinery for every requirement of consumer.
Achille Grassi sas - castegnero (VI) - Italy
Achille grassi works the limestone pietra di vicenza, quarried from our own quarries & various kind of different colored marbles in several kind of works.
G.S. Graniti srl - Olbia (SS) - Italy
Blocks of granite "bianco perlato sardo"
Bencar Service - Crevoladossola (VB) - Italy
Forklift,skiloader,machinery,escavatorsparts and accessories forklift,eletrical equipement,hydraulics,starters,drive train and
email   web (Click 841)
Comsider Srl - Berzo Inferiore (BS) - Italy
We trade new/used equipments for hot rolling mill plants
email   web (Click 1294)
Rotary Diamond Tools S.r.l. - Volargne di Dolcè (VR) - Italy
Portable edge profiling machines, bridge saws, grinding and polishing diamond tools for portable contuoring machines and cnc.
MB Trading - Eraclea (VE) - Italy
Trading company, from a long time introduced into the worldwide stone business. bridge saws, portable and cnc edge profiling machines, and tools.
Ideal Marmi snc di Fabiani F. & Ammazza - Catanzaro (CZ) - Italy
We furnish products worked in marble stone and granite for i furnish civil, urban and funeraria.forniamo estimates free on in demand fax 0961752182
S.E.I. srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Resin lines for slabs and strips, loading/unloading robots, vacuum chambers, special technologies for splitting/shaping/sawing.
email   web (Click 1610)
T.G.S. Group - Busto Arsizio (VA) - Italy
Private transfer and disposal with luxury sedan, minivan, minibus and bus gtconsignments dedicated nor goods both records from the small van to the big truk.
email   web (Click 1405)
Nick on the Rocks srl - Ragusa (RG) - Italy
Slabs,tiles and cut to size in sicilian product,sicilian limestone,lavic stone,pietra pece,perlato di sicilia,perlatino etc,and international marble,limestone
Camp-Tor S.a.S - Grisolia (CS) - Italy
Extraction mediterranean limestone for cut.crude masses for cut.
S P M di Angonese Davide - Pianezze San Lorenzo (VI) - Italy
Second hand machines for marble and granite. large stock of spare parts
Studio di ingegneria Beghini&Bonfanti - Bussolengo (VR) - Italy
Projects and drawings
Stonest S.r.l. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Natural stones special works.external claddings, interior decorations, cut to sizes and anchoring systems.manufacturer.
email   web (Click 962)
Cremar soc. coop. a r.l. - Apricena (FG) - Italy
The change and trade stone of apricena. specialized on "bocciardato", shore, crack stone, antique for external covering and urban decoration.
DI.MAT. - di Vincenzo Di Matteo dal 1973 - Trani (BA) - Italy
The company is taken care of the production and sale of it machines for the marble working and analogous it has machinery for every requirement of the consumer.
Marmifera Pugliese - Trani (BA) - Italy
Marmifera pugliese, quarrier and manufacturer of perlato svevo, trani, serpeggiante, travertino romano and travertino saturnia marble in blocks, slabs and tiles
email   web (Click 859)
E.S.Marmi Srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
We are specializes to you in the commerce and working the marble and travertino
Arch. Leonardo Pasin - Corsico (MI) - Italy
Arch. leonardo pasin corsico (milano)lay out of pavings and panellings with marble, stone, granite an more; measures, job-details, shop drawings.
Marmi e Graniti della Sardegna - Calangianus (SS) - Italy
Vendita di marmi e graniti della sardegna
email   web (Click 779)
Massimo Galleni Scultore - Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
sculpture classical religiious and modern sculpture vases capitels decorative objects portraitsetc
email   web (Click 683)
profilgessi srl - Pesaro (PS) - Italy
Production of the special elements in gips
RSD-electronic - Naturno (BZ) - Italy
Industrial electronic repair service: components cnc and plc (siemens,omron,telemechanique,schneider..)
L.P. Superfici di Pietra - IMPRUNETA FIRENZE (FI) - Italy
Pietra di rapolano, travertini, pietre in genere, marmi e graniti
Cristallina - Terno d´Isola (BG) - Italy
Grinding and polishing marble surface diamonds pads technology
email   web (Click 991)
Stilmarmo s.r.l. - Apricena (FG) - Italy
Product:pietra di apricena(fiorito/bronzetto/serpeggiante).production:rough blocks-slabs-cut-to-size-window sills-stairs-urban design products..
email   web (Click 801)
BRC Marmi Sas - Marmi Anticati - Domegliara (VR) - Italy
Products such as marble granite travertine ardesie.pavers, coverings, stairs, tops. marble in antique,tumbled, brushed and polished surfaces.
email   web (Click 847)
Righetti - Verona (VR) - Italy
Production of vacuum lifters
Zed srl - Domegliara (VR) - Italy
Second hand machines for processing marble granite and stone.
email   web (Click 1753)
Marmi Nardi di Nardi G.& C. snc - Schio (VI) - Italy
Travertino classico bealelamarmi nardi
Porfidi Europa Srl - Civezzano (TN) - Italy
Production-dealer-laying of porphyry and natural stones.made-up panels and porfix 57 made with porphyry. planning-laying-supervision.inspector of production.
email   web (Click 839)
Stile Stone Tile - Pergine Vals. (TN) - Italy
Dealer and laying of porphyry and natural stones,made-up panels and porfix 57 made with porphyry. planning-laying and supervision. inspector of production.
email   web (Click 713)
Errevi Srl - Nogarole Vicentino (VI) - Italy
Commerce and production slabs and tiles in botticino,rosso verona,bianco perlino,travertino,giallo reale and all type of marble.
Pria Graniti srl - Luogosanto (SS) - Italy
Rosa nule Stefano Arrighini - Brescia (BS) - Italy
Il sottoscritto si occupa di progettazione strutturale ed architettonica di edifici esistenti e nuovi, sia civili che industriali.
New Gem Cut Srl - Morbegno (SO) - Italy
Artistic working of stones, granites and marbles.
Germani Vittorio Snc - Casalmaggiore (CR) - Italy
Lavorazione marmi e graniti per edilizia, arredamento,arte funeraria.
Barbieri Ezio - Legnago (VR) - Italy
Realization and production pavements in marble to mosaic
Imarmi di Litosud Apricena - apricena (FG) - Italy
Marbles and granites for floorings coverings portals columns i furnish urban
ABM Studio Geologico Associato - Castiglione Olona (VA) - Italy
Geological and geotechnical studiesenvironmentgeophysical investigationgeoradarhydrogeological studiesgeomechanics
email   web (Click 1045)
Carraro Pavimenti di Luigi & Gianfranco - Mirano Venezia (VE) - Italy
To smooth, to polish the marbles,granite
email   web (Click 660)
Zugnoni Coperture Italy - Cosio Valtellino (SO) - Italy
Natural stones foor roofing, floors and coverings
Studio Tecnico Geom. Sermon Bartolomeo - Taranto (TA) - Italy
email   web (Click 1248)
Tongiani Innovazioni S.r.l. - Massa (MS) - Italy
Our company produces traditional and new patented cushions for quarry for several years all over the world. our products are highly reliable and guaranteed.
email   web (Click 699)
BTJ Service Ltd - Busto Arsizio (VA) - Italy
Planning and cell realization bathes in polystyrene [legnomagnesite] asbestos cement, for the building sector to 360 degrees
email   web (Click 988)
Eurokem srl - Isola di Ortonovo (SP) - Italy
Filter cloth for filter press, water tratment
email   web (Click 1091)
World Solution Srl - Italy
National and international transports and shipments for via area, earth and sea, moreover we offer integrated services 360°
Leoma Diamant Srl - Torino (TO) - Italy
Production of electroplated and brazed diamond tools for marble and stones
email   web (Click 1009)
Ellegi s.n.c. - Castello di Godego (TV) - Italy
Tools and consulting to process marble,granite,gres,terrazzo and agglomerate.
Ficina S.n.c Elite Ficina Group - Pontremoli (MS) - Italy
Ficina s.n.c seller for elite-ficina group electric plated discs for marble,for granite,profile wheel,diamond grinding pins,millers widia,hammer drill
email   web (Click 581)
Cus.Mar.Import Export srl - Custonaci (TP) - Italy
Own quarry of perlato and perlatino marble.blocks and slabs for export india,usa,arab countries
email   web (Click 670)
Cosmotek di Cossali Adriano - Zanica (BG) - Italy
Machines second and for marble /granite
Stones Service Snc - Grugliasco (TO) - Italy
Stones Service is qualified in the stone sector, specialized in urban and domiciliary supplies
email   web (Click 626)
Marchese Giuseppe - Falcone (ME) - Italy
Since 1972 Marchese Giuseppe executes jobs of pavements, top for baths and kitchen,top for tables, tiles, in marble,granites and decorated lavic stone.
email   web (Click 677)
Decoarte - Mel (BL) - Italy
it prints digita them to warmth on ceramics and oggettistica china fotoceramiche field souvenir furnishing
email   web (Click 1022)
Studio tecnico industriale R. Marconi - La Spezia (SP) - Italy
Structural calculation,engeneering,technical handbook, techical design,catalogs,quality systems,audit,CE certification and technical advising.
email   web (Click 931)
VENETA MARMI S.R.L. - Lugo di Grezzana (VR) - Italy
Veneta Marmi is the leader in marble and agglomarble manufacturing through a continued research for quality.
email   web (Click 629)
email   web (Click 533)
Avola Stone - MODICA (RG) - Italy
Row materials produced by Avola Stone are of first-rate quality, standing out from common Sicilian stones.
Zenith C Srl - Aurisina (TS) - Italy
We are manufacturer natural marble into blocks, tiles, slabs, crustic tiles, splited tiles.
Diamond Service Srl - Caorso (PC) - Italy
Diamond Service Manifacture a wide arrey of diamond tool for the stone and building industry
email   web (Click 941)
ARTICK - corsico (MI) - Italy
Studio specialized in product design and lighting design. Provides 3D rendering and animation services. Great experience and high quality work.
email   web (Click 813)
MAURINO PIETRE sas - bagnolo piemonte (CN) - Italy
email   web (Click 1066)
TESIMAG s.r.l - 54031 (MS) - Italy
Pumps, water treatment plant, silos,filter press, equipments for granite gang saws, lime plant
email   web (Click 1098)
Studio tecnico Arch. Fontana Mimmo - Crotone (KR) - Italy
Lo studio effettua servizi di progettazione e consulenza in campo edile, architettonico impiantistico, nonchè offre servizi di grafica materia di sicurezza
Euro-cad srl - Nova (MI) - Italy
water-jet use a flow of water at really high pressure so high that easily cut with precision.To obtain continuos flow of water at high pressure over 3.800 bar
Marmi Mincio - Salionze di Valeggio (VR) - Italy
marble tiles, floor, cut to size in marble and granite
email   web (Click 627)
Incammisa Nicolò Marmi S.r.l. - Custonaci (TP) - Italy
Incammisa Nicolò Marmi S.r.l.
Tecnocam - Andria (BA) - Italy
Crane to column and shelf and sale of suckers and pliers for the lifting. Overturnable containers for the cocciame, easels and platforms it leans marbles.
email   web (Click 1084)
Kappa 83 di F. J. - Padova (PD) - Italy
Promotore (sale) machinery, systems for stones and marbles, in the Arabic Countries.
oma system srl - aprilia (LT) - Italy
Producer of hydraulic/electric portable machine and patented diamond tools from cutting to polishing.Assistence & Training
email   web (Click 877)
geom. randazzo claudia - STG viareggio - viareggio (LU) - Italy
The Studio strongly wanted to realize his own web site to fulfil, take care, enhance and protect constantly his customer
geom. paolinelli sandro - viareggio (LU) - Italy
The Studio strongly wanted to realize his own web site to fulfil, take care, enhance and protect constantly his customer
Giovanni Musa - Milano (MI) - Italy
Giovanni Musa
blocks and slabs of marble BIANCO "P" CAVA ROMANA
email   web (Click 402)
CERAMPHOTO S.n.c. - Stella San Giovanni (SV) - Italy
Supplier company of photoceramic complements and print, technical assistance in Italy and all over the World, maker ceramic objects, panels, mosaics and tiles.
l´età della pietra di stefano graccione - san giovanni suergiu (CA) - Italy
i want to became to import stones from china, india, pakistan and turkey
ARC SRL - Chiampo (VI) - Italy
Abrasives and tools for natural and agglomerate stones.
Consul.Tech (BG) - Italy
new stones designed RollStones
Pietra della Lessinia - S.Anna d´Alfaedo (VR) - Italy
Italian Company specialised in processing natural stone.
email   web (Click 472)
Acme s.r.l. - Fano (PS) - Italy
Marble and bronze sculptures - fireplaces - fittings - inlaid tables - sinks - Bath furnishing
email   web (Click 475)
GB enterprises S.r.l. - Massa (MS) - Italy
Filter cloth flocculant pumps filter press
email   web (Click 1004)
Simone Donati, geologo - Genova (GE) - Italy
Geologist:mining and quarry plannig;work safety in quarrying industry;work safety in construction industry;hydrogeology and site remediation.
email   web (Click 436)
SEIA srl (XX) - Italy
Progettazione sistemi elettrici ed elettronici civili e industriali, realizzazione quadri elettrici e sistemi di automazione e supervisione industriale
Geom. Marco Corti - Cerro Maggiore (MI) - Italy
BC STUDIO associato di ingegneria - Bernareggio (MI) - Italy
progettazioni integrate architettonica, strutturale, impiantistica ed ambientale,Direzione Lavori
email   web (Click 986)
NIKE S.r.l. - CARRARA (MS) - Italy
Marble quarries of ´Noisette Fleury´, ´Etruscan Rose´, ´Grigio Fior di Bosco´, and ´Etruscan Gray´ marbles, with a quarry area of around 140,000 m2
LA V.B.M. SPINGITUBO S.R.L. - 24064 Grumello del Monte (BG) - Italy
email   web (Click 986)
STEINEX srl - Levico Terme (TN) - Italy
Steinex srl - international leader for progecting, building and selling stone splitting machines and complete lines.
email   web (Click 1039)
Simone Pulvirenti - PISA (PI) - Italy
Design, laying marble, granite and stones, protective treatment.Airy facade realization.
Edil Alba di gjetja mark Ditta individua - Busto Arsizio (VA) - Italy
The your house confide at we.teachers of renovation.
Ing. Madeo Marcello - Varedo (MI) - Italy
mantex soc coop - Massa (MS) - Italy
Technical assistant for filterpress,pump revision,valves revision,
Siges Marble Srl - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Export marble ,granite and all kind the natural stones with office in usa 100% customer support and soddisfaction.
G.T.C. s.r.l. Giani Trading Co. - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Canadian marbles, onyxes, travertines,marbles and granites , blocks slabs finished products, assistance to importers and exporters for logistic and inspections.
email   web (Click 486)
Arch. Giovanni Musa - Monipoli (BA) - Italy
Studio di progettazione architettonica ed urbanistica
Raimondi Prefabbricati S.r.l. - Rescaldina (MI) - Italy
Cimiteriale building - loculi, tombe etc.
Stone Project srl - Marcallo con Casone (MI) - Italy
We supply stones cut to size for your project such as stairs, pavements, contract (not only for hotels).
email   web (Click 435)
API Assistenza Pompe Industriali - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Advising, attendance and sale of all that that concerns the working of the granito one; from the pumps to the decanter.
email   web (Click 430)
DWDstore - Massa (MS) - Italy
Dwdstore entirely devoted to the marble´s sector.
TECHNO SPLIT s.r.l. - Ospedaletto (TN) - Italy
Splitting machine
email   web (Click 1190)
I.C.M. s.r.l. - Marghera (VE) - Italy
A growing, family owned company that just opened two new verdello and rose marble´s quarries.we are selling from crude blocks until finished slabs and tiles.
FIDEL SRL - Firenzuola (FI) - Italy
Manufacturer of diamond tools, gang saw blades and wire for the stone processing.
Instone Srl - Vittoria (RG) - Italy
Sicilian botticino and perlato .limestone and marbles from all over the world.
MGS Consultans - Querceta (LU) - Italy
Quality assurance services, stone inspections, project menagement
Bermar Srl - Monitignoso (MS) - Italy
Our exclusivity: diaspro (sicilian breccia), lapis lazuli brasilian, breccia pontificia, saint peter yellow
Fumu Giuseppe - Budoni (NU) - Italy
Specialist in waterjet cut, build on marble and granite with numerically controlled machine.
Stone Consulting Sas - Sarzana (SP) - Italy
Slabs, cut to size and high end projects
email   web (Click 351)
PGS Marmi di Rosito Valerio &c. sas - Trani (BA) - Italy
Export stone, marble travertine in tiles,slabs & blocks
Livio Pertrini - bosa (NU) - Italy
3d render designer
Gifer s.r.l. - Settimo Torinese (TO) - Italy
Construction of hydraulic presses to plasticize diamond wire.
email   web (Click 967)
Workdiamond S.r.l. - CAORSO (PC) - Italy
Diamond disc saw blades and tools productions. workdiamond s.r.l. has been working in the field of diamond tools for almost twenty-five year.
Ing. Gianpiero Bruno Sticchi - Bologna (BO) - Italy
Infrastutture civili e sistemi di trasporto, impatto ambientale e traffico, sicurezza stradale
Antonio Maria Becatti Architetto - Milano (MI) - Italy
Design, building and environment reorganization to civil habitations, industrial and commercial spaces.
email   web (Click 920)
Rotolo Paolo Antonio - Conversano (BA) - Italy
Progettazioni opere civili
Centro Inerti srl - Borgo a Mozzano (LU) - Italy
Commerce monuments,paviments, marble statue, gazebo, fountains, board standard for the swimming pool, vasche, stone washbasin etc.
Marmeria Manti - Lizzanello (LE) - Italy
Working of marbles and anticate stones.
email   web (Click 377)
Eurostone Italia S.r.l. - Limbiate (MI) - Italy
Marbles, graniti and national and foreign natural stones.stock of marmette for paving
email   web (Click 446)
Studio Tecnico Ing. Alessandro Frolla - Arcola (SP) - Italy
Studio tecnico af
mummolo nazario - san severo (FG) - Italy
Grinding end polishing marble´s, stone´s & wood floor
np trattamenti snc - monticello c.otto (VI) - Italy
Marmble polishing
Officina meccanica Viviani - Pescantina (VR) - Italy
Inpianti depurazione
Architetto Saggese Tommaso - Firenze (FI) - Italy
Lo studio offre la consulenza in materia edilizia civile e locali pubblici.
Trilogy Studio Tecnico Associato - Viareggio (LU) - Italy
Settore immobiliare,topografico,edile,catastale,compravendite preventivi gratuiti
A.S.I. IMPIANTI S.r.L. - Alpignano (TO) - Italy
Impresa generale di costruzioni ed impianti elettrici, idrici e termici
EMMIS snc di Marcello Ravasio & C. - Bergamo (BG) - Italy
FOR USE NATURAL STONE.Project - Furniture - Laying - Treatment
Geom. Marcello Ravasio - Bergamo (BG) - Italy
Natural Stone project
LastMinute ADV - Este (PD) - Italy
Carpenteria specializzata
engineering & consulting service
email   web (Click 28)
Studio Ing. Luigi Gaglio - Roma (RM) - Italy
Experience 25 years-Buildings-Safety- Prevention fires- Pollution-Arbitrates-Consulting- D.Lgs 626/94- D.Lgs 494/96-Trainings- courses about safety
email   web (Click 27)
We are a company whit experience of marble and granite in blocks and slabs, of white carara and other material please visit our +39 348 8125899
email   web (Click 24)
Trade of marbles, granit, stones,travertine and glass.
DZSTONE di Zhang Yixue - Sassuolo (MO) - Italy
Don´t be afraid...
Grassi Pietre Srl - Nanto (VI) - Italy
Vicenza stone trademark for natural stone,Giallo Dorato,Grigio Argento,Bianco Avorio,limestone and natural stone cladding,architectural element and flooring.
email   web (Click 29)
RIGHETTI is manufacturer of lifting and handling systems - jib cranes, overhead suspended system,vacuum lifters, pincers and spreader beams.
email   web (Click 24)
Euro Waterjet srl - Piacenza (PC) - Italy
Spare Parts for waterjet tecnology, for pump type FLOW, KMT, WSI, Tecnocut, abrasive Garnet,abrasive disposal service, software for waterjet tecnology
email   web (Click 29)
EUROSLATE SRL - 16040 (GE) - Italy
First quality natural cleft and honed slate slabs and tiles for roofing, flooring, buildings. Coloured slate tiles (green/grey, black) for flooring/roofing
email   web (Click 24)
From the 1980 production and sale of funerarie fotoceramiche, books, parchments in china, fotocristalli, fotominiature, fotolapidi, ricordini mourning…
Manufacturing of stones.Production and trade of materials for the building,urban furniture,internal furniture and funeral art.
email   web (Click 26)
DANSK SRL - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Marble, Granite and Stone.High quality cut to size.Slabs and blocks.Installation (if requested) of the cut to size jobs fabricated by ourselves.
matec srl - massa (MS) - Italy
Matec specialises in the design and development of waste water purification and filtration plants for many different industries,
email   web (Click 29)
Spinelli Paolo - Cefalù (PA) - Italy
Spinelli Paolo è un´azienda artigianale leader nella levigazione e lucidatura di marmo e cemento operante a Palermo e Sicilia tutta.
Officina Meccanica Domenici - Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
iron costruction
Bonfanti Alberto - Palaia (PI) - Italy
Consultancy, architectural design and service, for restoration, building restructuring, and new construction.
Euromarmi 90 - Senigallia (AN) - Italy
Marble, granite, stone, quartz processing. Competitive price, italian quality. Looking for mutually beneficial business relationship.
Il Marmo - Gernova (GE) - Italy
we can offer anything from traditional marble floors >and column coatings of any type and measure to customized frames and fountains
VERONA COLLECTION s.r.l. - Volargne di Dolcè (VR) - Italy
..... Sale slabs, marble, granite and onyx, we import material from Iran directly where we can offer maximum quality
email   web (Click 23)
Leader in commerce and manufacturing of marbles, granites and any kind of natural stones. we export all over the world.
granites and marbles production
email   web (Click 25)
forti f.lli snc - lavis (TN) - Italy
natural stones
email   web (Click 24)
Quarry, sawmill and proper laboratories. Manufacturing of Arabescato Pescina, Calacata Pescina and Blue Pescina.
email   web (Click 32)
pietre naturali sardegna - Quartucciu (CA) - Italy
La nostra azienda, specializzata nel settore della vendita di pietre naturali a spacco di cava di tutte le tipologie tra cui ricordiamo i porfidi, le quarziti,
ROTARY DIAMOND TOOLS SRL - San Martino Buon Albergo (VR) - Italy
Routers, tools for portable, semi-automatic and CNC contouring machines. Bridge saws, radial arm polishing machines, crushers, seaming tools.
pietre naturali di atzori sandro - Quartucciu (CA) - Italy
marbles granites and stones
email   web (Click 25)
fratelli centonzr s.r.l. - lecce (LE) - Italy
pinze a ventosa per sollevamento cordoli
Midamar s.r.l - Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
Midamar is a specialized marble’s blocks commerce company.
email   web (Click 25)
tomeo andrea - berzo s. fermo (BG) - Italy
tel. 328/3596634
Group Pellegrino Import - Export S.r.l. - San Vito Lo capo (TP) - Italy
Company owning quarries from which extracts Perlato and Perlatino Sicilia working it into finished material.
email   web (Click 26)
arch.Chiara Celestini - Milano (MI) - Italy
Study of architecture situated close to the Triennial one of Milan and is taken care of restructure of inner, offices, stands, diagram.
EBINE SERVICE - Brescia (BS) - Italy
Specilized in BOTTICINO MARBLES, we export to China also:Dark Emperador-Crema Marfi-Nero Portoro-Verona Marbles.We speak Chinese Cantonese Japanese
email   web (Click 24)
environmental ENGINEERING
Volantini, cataloghi, Manifesti (XX) - Italy
Flyer, volantini, manifeasti, pieghevoli
durium marmi e graniti - lamezia terme (CZ) - Italy
we interested buy thala beige marble
PARENTE MARMI S.R.L. - Roma (RM) - Italy
Marbles, Granites & Stones.
email   web (Click 27)
I.C.M - MARGHERA (VE) - Italy
Francisco CaseRepresentations Trade themP.le Cialdini n.630174 Mestre VeniceTel39+ 0415040324Cell.3200860428
email by evoluzione s.r.l - carrara (MS) - Italy
quarries end production
Edenbid srl - Concordia s/S (MO) - Italy
Edenbid for commodities: innovative system to negotiate goods´ purchase
Freemedia soc coop - Vicopisano (PI) - Italy
granite, marbles stones
MARM. ESP. srl - VALDERICE (TP) - Italy
slabs & tiles of Perlato Sicilia and other materials
Lotus Stone Industry - Villaverla (VI) - Italy
We are producer of persian travertines in different colour and mosaics(antique & polished)in varied forms with good quality & the best prices.
Pansa Marmi s.r.l. - 10068 Villafranca Piemonte (TO) - Italy
floors, tiles, slabs, blocks, tops kitchen, tops bathroom
email   web (Click 24)
Geom. Marco Dominici - Pesaro (PS) - Italy
Metrical Computi, estimates, successions, accatastamenti. Design and jobs direction. Coordinator of the security in design and execution.
Import and export of marble and granite . Slabs , tiles and cut to size project.
lauri stone - 62020 loro piceno (MC) - Italy
sandstone quartzites
NORDIC EQUIPMENT Import Export - Settimo Torinese (TO) - Italy
Spare Parts and Equipments
International supplier of top quality garnet sand abrasive for waterjet cutting application
email   web (Click 25)
Ingegner Papa (XX) - Italy
Experience engeenering & consulting in marble plant and machinery offer cooperation.
Marmoelettromeccanica - Rignano Flaminio (RM) - Italy
Marmoelettromeccanica is leading company in manufacturing:-diamond tools-portable machines.
HTMGROUP - la spezia (SP) - Italy
Leader in the Robotic applications for the stone Industry
email   web (Click 30)
Marmitalia s.r.l. - Collepasso (LE) - Italy
We work in Marble, Granite and Stones anywhere in the world. In addition to providing assembly with our skilled workers.
email   web (Click 29)
Innovatedesign - Novate Milanese (MI) - Italy
email   web (Click 28)
monica ciabatti - siena (SI) - Italy
Hi,I´m a stone-restorator and I want sending you my professional C.V. for eventual job in restoration field, please contact me for any further information.
Products: paving, coverings, tiles, slabs, treated, urban design. Material: Azul Macaubas, Green Ming, Sky Pearl and Sky Gold, Basalto Orvieto.
email   web (Click 31)
AZ.GRANITI & MARMI SAS - Calangianus (SS) - Italy
from 1975 we operate in the sector extraction granulated Sardinians, we manufacture, slabs,Yellow Sardinja,Rosa Beta,Ghiandone L.,Sardinian White.
Eurolavica - Nicolosi (CT) - Italy
Manufacture Lavic Stone of Etna, cut end lavoration.
Tecno.M.Mar. srl - Follo (SP) - Italy
Bridge cutter - Monolithic flag cutter - Automatic edge polisher and profilig machine - Manual poliching - Profiling and copying-drilling machine with bench
Roma Edilizia - Roma (RM) - Italy
Roma Edilizia garantisce opere edili di ottima qualità.
email   web (Click 24)
Ligurmarmi - Toirano (SV) - Italy
We offer a comprehensive selection of granite and marble. custom fabrication & installation of kitchen countertops, bathrooms, vanities and fireplaces .
Domenico Raimondi (LU) - Italy
art director and creative designer
email   web (Click 28)
Marblegate di Marco Valli - Carrara (MS) - Italy
MARBLE GATE has a wide catalogue of elegantly manufactured products both for inside and outside furnishing
laboratorio artistico teknostone23 - lierna (LC) - Italy
artistic works with black marble nero varenna exclusive black marble from lake of como italy
MAXIMO MARMI - Castelmaggiore (BO) - Italy
Proprietari di cave tunisine dove si estrae del beige (crema) e grigio chiaro e scuro, in zona anche altri colori come il , brown e giallo.
ANGELONI GIULIANO - massa (MS) - Italy
marble flooring tiles marble slabs polished unpolishedrough marble blocks cubetti street kerbs
email   web (Click 26)
SPIRITO ARTISTICO - Pietrasanta (Lu) (LU) - Italy
Design, modelling and realization of artistic & architectonic creations in marble, stone, mosaic and inlay for the highest end of the market.
email   web (Click 25)
Marmo 2000 - Frusa (CH) - Italy
lavorazione marmi
email   web (Click 25)
ARCA MARMI s.r.l. - Apricena (FG) - Italy
Extraction and Processing Apricena stone and marble for the construction, Monumentistica, Furniture, flooring and rement antique.
AMICI Ing. MASSIMILIANO - Progettazione - Roma (RM) - Italy
The energetic saving and the use of sources energetic alternatives in fact, it not only produces economic benefits but also comfort and health.
email   web (Click 27)
Studio Tecnico Ing. Saverio Crisci - Mercogliano (AV) - Italy
email   web (Click 27)
F.lli MATTEI Marble - San Giorgio a Liri (FR) - Italy
marble travertine granite stone perlato royal quarring
email   web (Click 30)
ZICHE MARMI - Arzignano (VI) - Italy
email   web (Click 27)
Scarlatti Sergio Alexander - San Donato Milanese (MI) - Italy
Building restructuring and redecoration Project and other technical services and consulence
email   web (Click 229)
kegiom lifting s.n.c. - ovada (AL) - Italy
mini crawler crane, mini cranes
email   web (Click 30)
natural stone Carrara Marble Rosa Beta granite Daino Marble our best quality
Photo Electronics - Povegliano Veronese (VR) - Italy
UV-rays dryers for mastics and resins hardening
Studio DireFareComunicare di Sudati Andr - BRESCIA (BS) - Italy
Photo & Video studio, catalogue, still life, industrial, advertising, reportage, digital post-production.
email   web (Click 24)
MARMILAME s.r.l. - Massa (MS) - Italy
MARMILAME produce high quality UHS saw blades for cutting granite in special carbon steel C60.
email   web (Click 25)
Pietra di Luserna marmi e graniti
Stone Working - Bisceglie (BA) - Italy
Pietre s.r.l. - Valderice (TP) - Italy
Factory specialistic to the extraction and commercialization from hollow own of " pearlato di sicilia" and " perlatino di sicilia". slabs - marmette - steps
marmi 3esse - CORNEDO VICENTINO (VI) - Italy
Our company work in marble market with family management since more 30 years.
email   web (Click 29)
Classical and contemporary interiors for private houses, offices, commercial and yacht design. Turn-key projects.
Raffaello Bertolini snc - Carrara (MS) - Italy
Production, manufacturing and commerce. marbles granites and stones. interiors and exteriors.
email   web (Click 157)
STIEG - Studio Tec. Ing. Enrico Gallittu - Nuoro (NU) - Italy
architectural design 2d/3dcalculation structural and mod./calculation f.e.m.plantsecurity yardsaccounting for worksite management
Gerardo Aliberti Studio & Sicurezza - SIANO (SA) - Italy
Marmopietra di architetto Marco Cellè - milano (MI) - Italy
Designers and builders
Ferzini Frans - scalpellino - Torino (TO) - Italy
Stone-cutter. handwork on marbles, granites and stones. restoration of old marbles. ephigraphes engraved by hand.
email   web (Click 194)
export marmi graniti - roccapalumba (PA) - Italy
Lavorazione marmi graniti e pietre
email   web (Click 199)
MoiMar di Moisè Marco - Carrara (MS) - Italy
White marbles trading
Il Mosaico Artistico di Federica Castro - NAPOLI - Italy
.... all on the artistic and handicraft mosaic: copies of the roman mosaics, rose windows, tables, decorative greek frets and coverings! entirely cut to hand!
email   web (Click 165)
Stone & Equipment di Claudio La Porta - Vezzano Ligure (SP) - Italy
Spare parts for machinery for transf./extraction equip. Consumption goods as abrasives,, anti-abrasion pipes and pumps spares (granite/filter press)
email   web (Click 24)
Casagrande Armando Ardesie - Coreglia Ligure (GE) - Italy
Extraction and workmanship slate: plates, furnishings and you pave coverage.
Sangiorgio S.r.l. - San FErdinando (RC) - Italy
Estrazione della pietra locale "grigio calabria" e produzione di pavimenti rivestimenti, cordoli, scale e arredo urbano
email   web (Click 143)
Doosan Infracore Europe - Lissone (MI) - Italy
The italian branch of doosan infracore forklift division introduces the company, products, news and distribution network.
Saccardo Elettromeccanica Srl - SANTORSO (VI) - Italy
Wide range of motors and high-speed e-spindles.rapid, manual or automatic tool change. air or liquid cooling.customized producs
email   web (Click 195)
Zamar S.n.c - Prevalle (BS) - Italy
Our firm produce tilesfor floors and wall facings in marble and stone of particular charme…
email   web (Click 1533)
Italmecc Srl - SCHIO (VI) - Italy
Since 1979 stainless steel clarifiers, plants for sludge-water treatment,filter-presses,cabin and bench dust collectors with dry or wet tecnology,crushers.
email   web (Click 125)
Centro Pietra S.r.l. - Trento (TN) - Italy
Processing of natural stone for covering internal and external. recently we developed a modular system called evolution ecobox
email   web (Click 119)
Zavagno Paolo Mosaici s.n.c. - Sequals (PD) - Italy
Zavagno conceives and achieves the terrazzo veneziano and artistic mosaics taking into account the environment characteristics and customer´s requirements.
email   web (Click 61)
Ciccarelli Almerino CA Presse - Castelfidardo (AN) - Italy
Vertical injection moulding machines for coating diamond wire. completed and optimizate solution.
email   web (Click 1646)
Ergon Waterjet - medolla (MO) - Italy
Construction waterjet machines, service and spare parts for all existing installations
email   web (Click 32)
Lapis creation di pellegrini gabriele - Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy
We inport various kind of stone from turkey in blocks,slabs,tiles.
email   web (Click 32)
Aurisina Quarry Srl - Aurisina (TS) - Italy
The company is headquartered in the town of duino. the extraction of the marble began in 2012 and can provide large quantities of stone and marble aurisina.
email   web (Click 25)
Berti Sisto &C.Industria Pietra Serena - Firenzuola (FI) - Italy
We are quarry owners (certified and superior quality quarries), producers and exporters of blocks and slabs of pietra serena (grey sandstone from italy).

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