Cozy Kitchen

Cooking room or a favorite place for household communication, symbolizing coziness and warmth at home? A properly equipped kitchen can easily embody both, most importantly, to pay attention even to such trifles as decorative elements and accessories.

Kitchen features for the whole family

When creating a family kitchen, it is important to consider the interests of each person, not just the hostess. First of all, coziness is a well thought out layout, ergonomic, functional furniture, comfort and order. To make it comfortable for everyone, it is worth allocating a working (where you will cook) and dining areas. This way family members can combine communication and cooking and not interfere with each other.

Since cooking is the main function of the kitchen, do not forget the “golden triangle” rule: the distance between sink, fridge and hob should not exceed 3-4 steps. This makes the cooking process as convenient as possible. You can add comfort to your kitchen by replacing the usual hob with a cooker hob and an independent oven located in the column at a convenient level for taking out the tray.

Families with small children who like to help their mom should pay attention to the special low countertops. Their height should be no more than 75 centimeters – on such a worktop children will be able not only to cook, but also to do their work (draw, do homework or play), remaining under the supervision of adults.

The dining table should easily accommodate all family members. The model, shape and material used for the table depends on the size and design of the kitchen, its area and your personal preferences. To determine the size of the table, please note that the minimum space per person is 35×35 cm.

This will be enough to place a plate, a cup, cutlery and a napkin. By multiplying this area by the number of family members, you will get the minimum tabletop size. Ideally you should add space for 1-2 people just in case and don’t forget the space for pots, fondue and salad bowls.

Reliable helpers in creating a cozy atmosphere are design techniques in the interior and decor. Wooden surfaces will make the atmosphere warmer and quieter. Light surfaces will visually increase the space, add a sense of space, freedom. When it comes to lighting, in addition to central light, additional lighting can be added above the work and dining areas.

The lighting in the dining area is better suited to be warm and soft. The light diffuser lamp is suitable for this. For the work area, we recommend the choice of directional illumination. It’s good if the luminaires work autonomously. If the devices are not dependent on each other, you can use the lighting to create a different atmosphere in the room.

Choosing the right decor will help you to create the right mood. Thus, bright decorative elements and accessories will add joyful notes and create a relaxing atmosphere, laconic elements will add rigor.

Family Kitchen Accessories

Effective, attractive and at the same time useful things will make the kitchen environment more comfortable and cozy. Depending on the chosen interior style it can be chopping boards of different shapes and sizes, jars for storing cereal, seasonings or tea, cork stands for hot dishes.

When selecting accessories for the kitchen, it is important to maintain a sense of proportion and balance, so that the decorative elements do not clutter the space. And, of course, no kitchen can do without accessories that make cooking easier.

A chalkboard is an original and useful accessory in the family kitchen. Adults will be able to leave important information and share the news on it, and children will be able to draw. The walls can be decorated with family photos, posters and paintings.

A table set made of porcelain or a set of enameled saucepans will complete the kitchen in the style of provence. The square-shaped monochrome plates and rectangular accessories are the ideal solution for a high-tech kitchen.

Almost no modern kitchen can do without a cooker hood. With the right approach, it can become the main accessory in the work area. There are interesting solutions on the market not only for high-tech interiors, but also for classic, Provencal and Scandinavian ones.

Add decoration

Decorative elements are what makes your kitchen special, emphasizing your personality. The main rule of decoration in any room is moderation. Maintain a balance between order and decorative elements. Secondary things are best hidden behind cupboard fronts.

As a decorative element can act:

  • trays. In addition to their functional purpose, they are also perfectly suited to the role of decor. Glass, plastic, wooden, painted – you can choose an option for any interior;
  • serving wipes and mats will not only create the feeling of a festive dinner, but also protect the surface of the table from contamination and damage, which is relevant for families with children;
  • unusual hangers for towels and tackles;
  • wicker baskets for bakery products or kitchen accessories;
  • fruit baskets in various configurations in porcelain, bronze, glass or wood;
  • vases for flowers and indoor plants.

To make the kitchen cozy will help textile elements: towels, curtains, napkins, rugs. Ideally, if you sew curtains (curtains), tablecloths, tackles and pillows for stools (chair covers) from one fabric.

The colour scheme of the decorative elements should match the design of the kitchen. An exception is the monochrome interior. For it you should choose the decor of contrasting colours.

Take care of the storage

When designing a kitchen for the family, it is important to consider not only the design of the room, but also its parameters: how often you will cook, how many people live in the apartment, breakfast and dinner together.

If you have a large family, the kitchen storage system should be practical, functional and spacious. For smaller rooms, built-in furniture is the best option. It allows you to easily place all your kitchen utensils while still keeping free space. In kitchens with modern styles, closed cupboards are often used. This storage option gives the room a neat, tidy appearance and does not create a cluttered effect.

Kitchen Gadgets

Today it is impossible to imagine a kitchen without equipment. It makes the cooking process easier and faster. Many appliances have similar functions, so before you buy them, you should analyse what you need and will use regularly, and what you will put in the cupboard and take out every few years.

For a family of two or more, the ideal kitchen gadget is a multivarka. With minimal effort and time you can prepare delicious and healthy food for the whole family. A mixer, meat grinder, juicer and blender will replace a good kitchen combine.

Many people dream about a dishwasher, but it is not always worth buying one. The technique is suitable for a large number of dishes and is a real salvation for large families, but it is not profitable to wash a few plates, a couple of mugs and pans.

Built-in appliances will help to preserve the style of the kitchen and not to disturb its cosiness. It looks modern and aesthetically pleasing, but usually only large appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens and hobs are available.

In small kitchens, this solution saves space without compromising stylistic design. Small appliances such as a coffee machine, toaster, multivarka, designers recommend hiding behind doors or hinged lids.

When choosing kitchen gadgets, focus on your family’s preferences rather than fashion trends. Tomorrow’s fashion will pass, and you’ll have useless, bought in a rush, appliances that take up space.

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