Fusion style bedroom

A mysterious, original style that combines seemingly incongruous things, allows you to go beyond and experiment with materials and decorative elements – all this is fusion. Bold, stylish, bright and harmonious, it never ceases to amaze and is perhaps the best option for creative, extraordinary people.

Fusion Design Features

Fusion style interior decoration is a complete rejection of rigid frames and boundless love of experiments. It is a cheerful, carefully thought out mess, among which it is cozy and calm. The only requirements of the style are a rich imagination and good taste, so that each interior gets a strong personality, reflects the emotionality and character of the owner.

This style can be shaped in any area – fusion exists perfectly in a studio apartment or a large country house. The combination of different styles of furniture and the use of antique items adjacent to the most modern accessories are welcome.

An undoubted advantage of the style is the possibility of changes in the design of the room. Fusion is in constant development, easily parted with the old elements and accepts new ones, if the process of change does not disturb the naturalness and harmony.

Distinctive features and nuances

Fusion style implies a love of slight negligence, disorder and a tendency to experiment with interior design. Here, expensive and refined are combined with simple and cheap, clear geometry with intricate forms; vintage objects with novelties and all together look coherent and logical.

The color scheme of the direction is a bit similar to the retro style. The most common design of interiors in fusion style is made with turquoise, shades of purple, yellow and green. The riot of colors is necessarily diluted with neutral colors: white, black, gray. Shades should be selected with special care for the interior to get a balanced, holistic.

Items of furniture can be from different collections, time periods and styles. Mix directions and colours boldly. A fusion-style room blends the new furniture market with antique and family values at ease.

Fusion Bedroom

A fusion-style bedroom is the ideal solution for creating a relaxing room that takes into account all the preferences of the owners. The combination of the best ideas of different styles, all kinds of shapes, textures and sizes will help to create a bedroom of your dreams, causing the most pleasant emotions.

  • Furnishing

The absence of any restrictions may lead to an interior that is overloaded with furniture and will resemble a warehouse, not a cozy room. To avoid this, consider a few important points.

Decide on whether the emphasis in your bedroom will be on furniture or decoration. If the decoration, choose unusual materials for the floor, walls and ceiling, bold, bright colors. If the furniture, the finish should be neutral so that the furniture does not fade against its background.

Furniture can be both minimalistic and luxurious, unusual forms. However, designers recommend to choose simple furniture without unnecessary decorative elements. It is good if the furniture is easy to maintain and allows you to change the room environment without much effort if you want.

The bed is the main element of the bedroom and the only requirement is comfort. Style, color, size, materials can be any.

Bedside tables, wardrobe, chest of drawers – mandatory attributes. They must contain all the necessary things to rid the room of a feeling of clutter, chaos.

“Disorder”, which should reign in a room according to the law of style, is created with the help of decorative elements. Cushions of different shapes and sizes, poufs, large candlesticks, figurines, lamps in a futuristic style will do the job perfectly.

  • Paint Palettes

Monochrome, too light or neutral fusion interiors are rare. Style welcomes bright accents, contrasts, a riot of colors, lush shades. However, randomness is inappropriate here, so it is important to follow the measure when choosing a color palette. As in any other room, the bedroom should have no more than three basic colors. Bright tones can be balanced with neutral background colours.

The bedroom can use a variety of colors: chocolate, emerald, blue, burgundy, gold. Black will add contrasts, and white will help to unite some colours. Chrome and gold elements will add chic to the bedroom.

  • Lighting

In the style of fusion lighting not only performs its direct function, but is also an excellent tool for decorating a room, highlighting individual decorative elements.

Sources of light should always be on bedside tables and dressing table (or near). They can be wall lamps, table lamps with fabric lampshades.

With the help of LED strip you can highlight the bed headboard and create illumination around the mirror. It is good if the lamps emit white light rather than yellow light.

Since fusion is a mixture of different styles and shapes, different lamps are appropriate. The central chandelier, floor lamp, antique candlesticks, unusual table lamps will add zest to bedrooms and emphasize the dominance of fusion style in the interior.

  • Textiles and decor

Fusion style decor should be a reflection of your individuality, emphasize hobbies, hobbies. Here you can easily get along with elements of antiquity and high-tech decoration, reproductions of famous paintings and graffiti, comic book covers, posters and posters with photos taken by famous photographers.

There are no rules for using textiles. You can safely use heavy textured and lightweight, almost weightless transparent fabrics, knitted plaids, bedside mats, animal skins, decorate the bed with decorative pillows in covers made of different fabrics. Mandatory condition – invoice. Smooth shiny fabric and fusion – things are almost incompatible.

Layering, draperies and layering of several patterns are appropriate here. When decorating a room it is not necessary to use one pattern at all. The neighborhood of plant or animalistic patterns with geometric theme is acceptable.

It is not recommended to mix more than three styles in the design of a fusion bedroom. Fusion is a great opportunity to gather in the interior several favorite stylistic directions. With its help you can create a unique design that reflects your inner world.

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