The new pantone colour: How to match it in your home

Colors have an enigmatic power over us. They can influence our behavior, moods and thoughts, without us being aware of it. Reactions are often deeply personal and rooted in our experiences. A certain color has the ability to calm our nerves, agitate us, motivate and encourage us to act, charge us.

The painter Wassily Kandinsky said that colour causes a psychic vibration, it hides a still unknown but real power that acts on every part of the human body.

When we have an important appointment we choose carefully what to wear, what bag to match, we dwell on the details, and the colors we will choose will make us feel serene, and full of energy. The same reasoning we do for our home. We prefer a milk white shelf to an ivory one. Small shades that make all the difference for us.

Colours are fundamental and Pantone, the American company that deals with graphics technology and colour cataloguing, knows this very well. Every year-end it announces the color that will set the trend in the coming months, and a few days ago, it announced its choice: the 2020 shade is Classic Blue.

Why this choice? A classic and timeless color that wants to instill serenity and confidence in those who look at it and wear it. A versatile shade, suitable for all types of textures, applicable from fashion to interior design. It reminds us a bit of the shades of the sky, after sunset, when we are immersed in our thoughts and we want to make plans and believe more in our dreams. Classic Blue instills hope.

And you want to get off to a good start in the coming year? Then get ready to bring a little starry sky into the house!

A bath floating in the sky

A bath with shades of sky and sea is always one of the most popular in almost every home. If you don’t have blue walls and don’t want to upset the whole thing, focus on the details. Opt for blue and sky-blue towels and bathrobes, create real marine shades starting from a blue load until you reach a pure white.

Go further, choose vintage cabinets painted blue, light blue ceiling lights, pendant lamps with bluish hues. Abandon cold steel hangers for something more colourful. Get creative with accessories, whether it’s a midnight blue stool, or a fabric or leather beauty case, all strictly blue.

Dare, match square tiles, creating mosaics with blue, white and yellow hues. And if you want to embellish the walls, choose the magic of glitter on a dark background. Enchanting effect guaranteed.

A room of a thousand and one nights

You want to turn the bedroom into a precious treasure chest? Classic Blue is the perfect choice to make your room a dream. Walls reminiscent of a starry sky, draped curtains in the colour of gold running down the windows.

Make it all more romantic with an elegant four-poster bed in the middle, and if you don’t like blue walls, you can always opt for a blanket in the colour of the sea. A real passepartout for all kinds of furnishings. Get yourself a bajour embellished with green and blue gems, to give it that oriental ethnic touch right away.

You can adorn the walls with water-green frames, and choose sea-themed illustrations or landscapes at night. Take inspiration from the iridescent tones of Van Gogh’s starry nights so you won’t go unnoticed.

Do you like flowers? The beauty of a blue orchid will bewitch you… Get a white jar and put it on a wooden chest of drawers, maybe next to some red candles or perfume essence. In the bedroom you can play with different textures and shades of blue, but also combine different colors. The blue and white pair is one of the most used. Go further, mix blue and yellow, enhance it with gold or silver. Elegant with a dusty pink, strong effect with fuchsia and red.

A starry kitchen

The kitchen can’t be left out at all, so there’s room for imagination. You can choose blue jars to store your favourite biscuits, use red and blue squared dishcloths to give it a more rustic and always up-to-date touch, perfect if you have wooden furniture. Don’t know where to store bread and fruit?

There are some beautiful blue majolica dishes, or floral, a different idea to furnish the kitchen, so beautiful that you will want to display them. The kitchen can become your creative laboratory, it takes inspiration not only to prepare delicious dishes, but also to furnish it, and Classic Blue will be your irreplaceable ally,

The attention to detail, especially in this part of the house, is never too much. Cobalt coloured pots, coffee cups, a large teapot for your relaxing evenings, but also marine themed tablecloths, with pretty decorations made with your own hands. Small transparent ampoules with blue sand in which to put mini succulent plants or nice figurines with sea inhabitants to be placed on the window shelf, or why not, on your fireplace.

A warm living room in shades of blue

Classic Blue is not a cold color, as you might mistakenly believe, but it is warm and enveloping and divine for the salon. Let’s start with a deep blue velvet sofa, so soft that you feel like sinking into it, as if it were embraced by clouds.

If you already have a sofa of a different colour, opt for soft blue cushions, or a checkered carpet in shades of blue, white and light blue. You prefer light, shaded curtains, a table in the colour of lapis lazuli with a gloss finish.

Play with green, create harmony with many colors, the versatility of Classic Blue will amaze you day after day, and you will never want to part with it again.

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