Mirrors in the interior

A mirror is an amazing interior object that can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also as a decorative element. An unusual composition of several mirrors will decorate the corridor or living room, in the studio apartment a large number of small mirrors will make a smoother and more organic transition from one zone to another, and a mirror in a chic baguette can be a real highlight of the interior in the classic style.

Interior mirrors: Interesting ideas

Decorations with mirrors enhance the quality of the interior, making it more interesting and stylish. The mirrors can be placed in a group or individually, have an absolutely smooth surface or surprise with an unusual inlay. The choice of the right mirror and its correct positioning guarantee the creation of a project that will convey the character of the owner – defiantly bold, romantic or elegant.

If you have a fireplace, the walls on the sides of the fireplace pipe can be decorated with mirror glass from floor to ceiling. This solution will not only make the room bigger and lighter, but also create the illusion of a fireplace pipe in the middle of the room.

The mirrors in the apartment

Despite the fact that today there are mirrors of different shapes and sizes in stores, they are still rarely used as decorative elements, emphasizing the main function.

Mirrors are almost not found outside the bedroom, hallway and bathroom, but in the kitchen or living room mirror surface is also not superfluous. Competent use of mirrors in the interior of the apartment will help transform the familiar environment, filling the room with air and light.

The mirrors in the hallway interior

The entrance hall can safely be called the face of the house, so the design of this room should be particularly meticulous. The mirror has long been an integral part of the hallway, because it is important to look at yourself before leaving the house, assess the appearance, correct the scarf or straighten the hem of your coat.

Choosing a mirror for the interior of a small hallway will give up huge trilogy. The ideal solution in this case would be a mirror in full height, placed directly on the front door or next door. A small round mirror is a great addition to the interior.

Mirrors in the living room interior

The modern living room provides almost limitless opportunities to use mirrors as decorative elements. Depending on the size of the room and its stylistic design you can use mirror panels, sticker-mirrors, several identical or completely different mirror elements.

Mirror in a wooden frame will emphasize the spirit of classicism in the living room, for the interior in country style will fit a mirror with an unusual design in the frame of branches or vines, in high-tech style will look good mirror with chrome frame, for neoclassics it is better to choose a mirror without frame.

Kitchen mirrors

In the kitchen and the dining room mirror surfaces are not used for their intended purpose, here rule the ball decorative solutions: panels, mosaics, mirrors-tickers. The decor with a reflective surface is best placed at eye level of the standing person. Psychologists, and today’s popular oriental practices, say that you should not look at yourself while eating.

In kitchen sets mirrors can be used as inserts at the back wall of buffets and display cabinets. This solution is suitable for a classic interior style. In high-tech and neoclassical styles, reflective objects are used as decorative elements or parts of furniture. You can find kitchen cabinets with mirrored walls and doors, home appliances and hoods, following the spirit of modern technology and striking mirror shine.

The mirrors in the bedroom interior

The first thing many people associate bedroom mirrors with today is a spacious wardrobe. However, other furniture, such as the bed or its headboard, can also be mirrored. A mirror located around the perimeter of the headboard looks stylish and original, adds light and allows you to clean yourself up without getting out from under the blanket.

Courageous and bold can trim the perimeter of the bed with a mirror stripe. This solution will create the feeling of a bed soaring in the air. Bedside cabinets with mirrored facades also look spectacular.

Bathroom mirrors

In the bathroom, mirror surfaces are always appropriate. They not only fulfil their direct function, but also add originality and volume to the interior. Beautiful look in the bathroom glued back-to-back at an angle of a mirror or a mirror strip. It is recommended to place it at a height of 100 – 110 cm from the floor, the width of the strip should be at least 70 cm.

There must always be a mirror above the sink. It can be either a separate mirror or located on the locker door with various bathroom accessories. The main thing is that the mirror surface is water-repellent. In addition, another mirror is installed – cosmetic, on a folding mechanism or stand. The frame of the mirrors should correspond to the bathroom interior.

As you can see, mirrors can work wonders and transform the interior of any room. However, before using this method of decoration as never before it is important to “measure seven times”: take into account all the features of the room, the height of the ceiling that will be reflected in the mirrors, as located windows and lamps.

This is ideal when a window or a source of artificial light is reflected in a mirror surface. The interior, in which it is planned to use a mirror finish, is better to perform in light tones – it is then mirrors will add to the room and the space and light.

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