Kitchen design: Understand styles of design

The kitchen is the heart of the house. It is there that the imperceptible events that make your soul warm. For memories to be even brighter, it is important to design the kitchen correctly.

Modern Style

Many prefer to follow the path of modern style, considering it the simplest. But modernity has its own rules, too.

Minimalism and simplicity are created through a strict action plan. And don’t forget the highlight of the decor.

The rules of modern style:

  • No bright colors that break out of the general style. The modern style is austere. The highlight can be one bright accent: orange, yellow or green.
  • Furniture should be practical. Most often home appliances are built into furniture modules. The kitchen gets extra points for multifunctional fittings.
  • Not only the furniture, but also the kitchen itself must be comfortable. Things need to be in their places.
  • Kitchen finishing materials must be practical and easy to use.
  • Add more light bulbs: Modern style needs brightness.
  • You can dilute the rigour not only with bright accents, but also with vibrant flowers and fresh fruit. Do not overdo it.

Scandinavian style

For the rigour of the design you can turn to the Nordic countries: Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Minimalism, cold and the sea of free space are what characterises the Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian style rules:

  • There isn’t much white for the Scandinavian style. It expands the space and makes it lighter. Add bright accents: yellow, blue or green.
  • Laminate on the floor. You can use dark shades: the contrast of white walls and black floor looks spectacular. Alternative – tiles of cold shades.
  • There should be a lot of light. Ideally large windows, but lots of light sources would also work. In Scandinavian cuisine there is also a chandelier and a floor lamp. Chandeliers can be futuristic or vintage.
  • A minimum of furniture. Each item has a certain function. Or better yet, a few. What’s not used can’t stand in a kitchen like this.
  • For more light, buy furniture with a glossy surface. It reflects the light very well.
  • Scandinavian countries don’t mind plastic. It’s not just natural materials that can be used in the interior.
  • Dilute the minimalism of style with decor. Decorate your kitchen with a poster, carpet and cushions. Don’t forget: plants are never superfluous.


Classic style never goes out of fashion. If you choose a classic, you won’t miss it.

If you want to design your kitchen in classic style, prepare yourself for the challenge: classics are time and money consuming.

Classic style rules:

  • It is not necessary to limit yourself to boring shades and add brightness only in accents. You can afford blue, green and burgundy in classics. The main thing is to make it look expensive.
  • Use aged metals: gold, copper, bronze, silver.
  • Materials should be natural. Do not be stingy on textiles: its abundance will add atmosphere to classic cuisine.
  • If you are confident in your taste, choose solemn furniture with carving, gilding and patina. Careful: a rich interior is easy to turn into a cheap one.
  • Follow the principle of symmetry: for harmony of style, many items will have to be purchased in pairs.
  • Separate the dining area from the work area in the kitchen. You can do this with furniture or lighting.


Did you want more space for creativity? Welcome to France.

Provenance style is for those who chase tenderness and coziness, not practicality.

The rules of the style of provence:

  • This kitchen is characterized by delicate colors: white, beige, cream. At the same time, do not overdo the rigor of white. The design should be soft, not strict. Use faded colours.
  • Not for the wallpaper. It is better to add contrast using vintage objects and live plants.
  • Delicate interiors can and should be well lit.
  • The use of natural wood furniture is recommended. Specially aged surface – perfect. Remember the rules of vintage style.
  • Let the dishes lie in the open. Open shelves will add coziness and warmth to the interior. But it’s better to hide the appliances.

Country (rustic)

Country is a provocation for country houses.

If you don’t like the rigor, choose a rustic kitchen style.

Country style rules:

  • The furniture should be vintage, but simple. Rustic style does not tolerate pompousness.
  • Give preference to wood and do not turn your nose away from brown shades. Brown can also be an interesting colour. Especially if you place bright accents correctly.
  • More decor. Look for vintage things at the flea market.
  • Modern materials and objects should not be used. Household appliances – hide.
  • On the floor – wooden covering or laminate.
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