Carpets: Warm atmosphere in a modern interior

Even the most stylish room without a carpet seems unfinished, it lacks the warmth and comfort of home. For several years carpets have been beyond the attention of fashionable interiors, but today they are popular again. And not only the floor, but also the wall!

Correctly selected by color, shape, size, length of pile carpet can become the main element of the decor, emphasize the peculiarities of interior style and make the room more comfortable.

Carpet varieties

There is no uniform generally accepted classification of carpets, this is due to the fact that there are many features for grouping.

Carpets are divided into floor and wall arrangement. They are similar in many respects – they are made on the same technologies, from the same materials. In modern interiors both types of carpets are used as a decorative element, “chips”, emphasizing the taste of the owner.

According to the method of production carpets are divided into 2 types: handmade carpets and carpets made with the help of automated machines.

Elite carpets made of natural materials are created by hand. Such carpets are not only beautiful and unique, but also durable.

Both natural and synthetic materials are used in the machine manufacturing process. Modern technologies make carpet production easy and fast. The cost of such products is much lower than that of hand-made pieces.

Three types of carpets stand out by the height of the pile:

  • Short pile (pile length up to 5 mm) – usually they are carpet tracks. Easy to care for, practical.
  • Medium pile (pile length 6-15 mm) – warm, durable carpets, quite easy to care for. They are suitable for living room, dining room, nursery.
  • Long pile (length of threads from 16 to 100 mm) – the most cozy models, fluffy and soft. Most often they are purchased for the bedroom or children’s room. Such products are quite whimsical in care.

In terms of material composition, carpets are divided into natural and synthetic, often manufacturers combine several materials in one product.

Carpets from natural materials are the most expensive, can be wool, silk, cotton, linen.

Woolen carpets are most often woven of sheep’s wool, rarely there are products made of camel or goat. They have good texture and long life. However, they absorb all odours, are not resistant to dirt and natural wool carpets can eat moth. The colour range is quite modest, as wool is more difficult to dye than synthetic materials.

Cotton carpets are inferior to many materials in terms of resistance, and have poor moisture tolerance. Carpets made only of cotton are extremely rare and wool is usually added to the composition. In terms of tactile sensations, these carpets are softer than woolen carpets and easier to care for.

Carpets made of natural silk are premium products, most often made by hand using ancient technologies. They are distinguished by their softness, delicate natural shine and a variety of colours and patterns. They serve for several generations, for 200-300 years they do not lose their qualities.

Carpets made of synthetic materials are the cheapest and most durable. Well suited for places with heavy traffic: living room, hallway. Acrylic, nylon, polypropylene and other materials are used in production.

Carpets from polypropylene are similar to woollen, but they are not afraid of moth, they have low cost, a wide range of different shapes, colors and sizes, they are unpretentious in care and do not lose color saturation during regular cleaning.

Carpet shapes and styles

Today the market presents carpets of various shapes and sizes, from the usual geometric (circle, square, rectangle) to bizarre, consisting of several figures or having the silhouette of an animal, plants (such carpets are most often made for children’s rooms).

The choice of product is influenced by the area and shape of the room. Thus, a round carpet will look ridiculous in an elongated room, and a long and narrow carpet path will be lost in a spacious living room.

The most common form of carpet is rectangular. Such products are suitable for any room and interior styles. Recently products with rounded corners are becoming popular, it prevents wrapping corners during the carpet operation.

Wall carpets in modern style

Many consider wall carpets to be a relic of the past, an echo of Soviet times, but fashion is going in a spiral and wall carpets are back in trend. Of course, today wall carpets are much rarer, but with the right approach the wall carpet will become a “chip” of your interior, emphasizing its courage, individuality and style.

Without wall carpets it is almost impossible to imagine ethno style, they make the interior more bright, colorful, memorable. There are wall carpets in vintage, classical, Scandinavian styles and mixed eclectic interiors.

In oriental style the carpet in combination with countless decorative sofa cushions adds a touch of luxury to the interior.

Rigid, restrained and minimalistic interior will become cozier and warmer, just add a wall rug. But do not forget that in the high-tech and loft styles only rugs in a subdued color scheme are appropriate.

The carpet can replace the headboard of the bed, opening up almost limitless possibilities for experimentation: vertical or horizontal arrangement, color scheme, pattern, place of attachment, etc.

Color solutions for interior carpets

The choice of colour is influenced by the purpose of the room. If you do not focus on the style of the interior, products in bright colors are suitable for living rooms and children’s rooms, monochrome and neutral shades – for the bedroom.

The contrast between the carpet and the floor looks interesting and bright. For example, the floor of the color white oak looks good with products of warm shades, dark floor tones the carpet in light (white, milk, ivory) color scheme, gray flooring harmonizes with purple or cherry carpets.

If the carpet does not fit into the interior, but for some reason you do not want to part with it, add textiles with a similar color scheme. They could be curtains, decorative pillows, a blanket.

For interiors with wallpaper or furniture with an intricate print, choose an unobtrusive carpet, preferably monochrome, but a variant with a simple pattern will also do. The reverse is also true: pale upholstery and walls will be complemented by brighter, juicy colours and intricate ornaments on the rug.

Often contrasting products or rugs with unusual patterns distract attention from other accessories and furniture, this solution is appropriate if you want to draw attention to the floor.

Products with a medallion (central pattern) look good in the center of the room, but if you want to put furniture on the carpet, it is better to choose a model with a frame on the edge or with ornaments throughout the area.

Choosing a rug is not an easy task, but all the efforts spent will pay off in full. Perfectly selected carpet is not only comfort for your feet, but also a great opportunity to demonstrate your sense of style, make the interior more unique and make an impression on guests.

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